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Rolling Stones

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Rolling Stones - 7" Singles

7"Rolling Stones19th Nervous Breakdown EPFrancevg+/vgps, toc17,00
7"Rolling StonesGoing To a Go Go (live)Hollandex/exps7,00
7"Rolling StonesHighwireHollandvg/exps, woc, toc5,00
7"Rolling StonesMixed EmotionsHollandvg+/vg+ps5,00
7"Rolling StonesPlundered My SoulEUex/exps9,00
7"Rolling StonesRain Fall DownEUm/mps, new7,00
7"Rolling StonesRespectableSwedenex/exps, noc7,00
7"Rolling StonesSame EPUK exportvg+/vgps, SDE 750360,00
7"Rolling StonesThe Last TimeUKvg+company sleeve12,00
7"Rolling StonesUndercover Of The NightHollandvg+/exps5,00

Rolling Stones - 12" Singles

12"Rolling StonesOne Hit (To The Body)Hollandex/exps7,00
12"Rolling StonesOut Of ControlUKex/exStickered black cover, promo VSTDJ170017,00
12"Rolling StonesSympathy For The Devil (remix)UKvg+/exps, ri20,00

Rolling Stones - CD-Singles

CDSRolling StonesDon't Stop + 1  VSCDE 1838, new6,00
CDSRolling StonesRain Fall Down + 1  0094634880923, new5,00
CDSRolling StonesStreets Of Love + 1Japan TOCP 40182, new15,00
CDSRolling StonesStreets Of Love +1  VSCDT1905, new5,00

Rolling Stones - LP's

LPRolling StonesBig Hits (High Tide And Green Grass)Hollandex/vg+ri, orange vinyl25,00
LPRolling StonesCollector's OnlyGermanyvg+/exinn25,00
LPRolling StonesDecember's ChildrenUSAvg+/vg+ 20,00
LPRolling StonesDirty WorkHollandex/exinn12,00
LPRolling StonesEmotional RescueUKex/ex 12,00
LPRolling StonesHistoria De La Musica RockSpainex/vg 7,00
LPRolling StonesMetamorphosisUSAex/vg+inn, co20,00
LPRolling StonesPlay With FireRussiavg+/ex 7,00
LPRolling StonesRolling Stones (Super Star)Italyvg+/exbooklet12,00
LPRolling StonesSteel WheelsHollandex/exinn12,00
LPRolling StonesStone AgeUKex/vg+ 20,00
LPRolling StonesThe History Of Rock - Volume 10UKex/exwol9,00

Rolling Stones - CD's

CDRolling StonesA Bigger Bang  Virgin6,00
CDRolling StonesAftermathJapan Abkco, miniature LP sleeve, obi, card20,00
CDRolling StonesBetween The ButtonsJapan Abkco, miniature LP sleeve, obi, card20,00
CDRolling StonesBig Hits (High Tide And Green Grass)Japan Abkco, miniature LP sleeve, obi, card17,00
CDRolling StonesBridges To Babylon  Virgin, special edition slipcase8,00
CDRolling StonesEmotional Rescue  Virgin, cardsleeve, "Collector's Edition"10,00
CDRolling StonesExile On Main St.  Virgin6,00
CDRolling StonesForty Licks  Abkco, 2-CD8,00
CDRolling StonesGot Live If You Want It!Japan Abkco, miniature LP sleeve, obi17,00
CDRolling StonesJump Back - The Best Of  Virgin6,00

Rolling Stones - DVD's

DVDRolling StonesRolling On  B & C entertainment5,00
DVDRolling StonesSympathy For The Devil + 3  981061-8, new7,50


Rolling Stones related - 7" Singles

7"Jagger, MickVisions Of ParadiseUKmpicture disc, new7,00
7"Richards, KeithBig EnoughUKex/exps, 1-sided, promo14,00
7"Richards, KeithLocked AwayUKex/exps, 1-sided, promo14,00
7"Richards, KeithMake No MistakeUKex/exps, 1-sided, promo14,00
7"Richards, KeithStruggleUKex/exps, 1-sided, promo14,00
7"Richards, KeithTalk Is Cheap But Touring Ain't ex/exps9,00
7"Richards, Keith/Dirty StrangersThrill Of The ThrillSpainvg+/exps, promo, soc14,00
7"Wyman, Bill(Si Si) Je Suis Un Rock StarUKex/exps5,00
7"Wyman, BillA New FashionSpainex/exps, woc9,00
7"Wyman, BillApache WomanPortugalex/exps17,00

Rolling Stones related - 12" Singles

12"Jagger, MIckJust Another NightHollandex/exps, promo SAMP 9714,00
12"Jagger, MickLet's WorkHollandvg+/exps7,00
12"Jagger, MickLucky In LoveHollandvg+/exps, promo14,00

Rolling Stones related - LP's

LPJagger, MickAs "Ned Kelly"Spainvg+/exri, toc12,00
LPJagger, MickPrimitive CoolHollandex/exinn9,00
LPWood, Ron1-2-3-4Hollandvg+/exinn, toc12,00
LPWyman, BillMonkey GripUKvg+/ex 25,00

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