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12"Airey, DonJulie (If You Leave Me)Germanyex/exps7,00
12"All About EveMartha's HarbourUKvg+/exps6,00
12"All About EveRoad To Your SoulUKvg+/exps7,00
12"Amos, ToriDon't Make Me Come To Vegas m/mps, new10,00
12"BanglesGoing Down To LiverpoolHollandex/vg+ps, 5-track EP6,00
12"BanglesRock 'n Syndrome EPJapanex/exins, booklet, stickers, obi, 22AP333530,00
12"Bass CommunionLitanyHollandex/exps12,00
12"Be-Bop DeluxePanic In The WorldFrancevg+/exps, soc, woc9,00
12"Beck, Jeff & Rod StewartPeople Get ReadyHollandvg+/exps5,00
12"Benatar, PatSex As a Weapon (extended mix)Germanyex/exps7,00
12"Big CountryKing Of EmotionGermanyex/exps5,00
12"BjörkDeclare IndependenceEUm/mps, 2x12"+ CD+ DVD, still sealed25,00
12"BjörkEarth IntrudersEUm/mps, 2x12"+ CD+ DVD, still sealed25,00
12"Blubbery HellbelliesPlastic PonyUKex/exps9,00
12"BradfordAdrift AgainUKvg+/exps7,00
12"Browne, JacksonFor AmericaGermanyvg+/exps, soc5,00
12"Cale, JohnAnimal Justice EPUKex/exps17,00
12"(Cars) Ocasek, RicKeep On Laughlin'USAvg+/exps, promo7,00
12"Chilton, AlexNo SexFranceex/exps7,00
12"ContinentalsFizz Pop + 3USAex/exps, 10"7,00
12"Cope, JulianCharlotte AnneUKex/expicture disc9,00
12"Cope, JulianEve's Volcano (Covered In Sin)UKex/vg+ps7,00
12"CrazyheadRagsUKex/explastic outersleeve, multicoloured vinyl10,00
12"Crime & The City SolutionThe Dangling ManUKex/vg+ps12,00
12"CultDreamtime Tour 84 EPFranceex/exps, promo50,00
12"Depeche ModeA Question Of Time (extended remix)Swedenex/exps9,00
12"Depeche ModeBarrel Of a GunUKex/exps, gatefold12,00
12"Depeche ModeEverything CountsCanadaex/exps17,00
12"Depeche ModeGet The Balance Right (combination mix)Canadaex/exps17,00
12"Depeche ModeShake The Disease (edit the shake) +3Swedenex/exps14,00
12"Depeche ModeStrangeloveSwedenex/exps12,00
12"Depeche ModeThe Meaning Of Love (fairly odd mix)UKex/exps9,00
12"Derringer, RickI Play GuitarUSAm/mps, still sealed, co8,00
12"DictatorsSearch & DestroyUKex/exps9,00
12"Die KruppsThe Machineries Of JoyUKex/exps9,00
12"Die KruppsThe Machineries Of Joy (remix)UKex/exps9,00
12"Died PrettyBlue Sky DayUKex/exps6,00
12"Died PrettyOut Of The UnknownUKex/exps, inn6,00
12"Died PrettyWhitlam SquareUKex/exps6,00
12"Diesel Park WestFall To LoveUKex/exps, 10"7,00
12"Dire StraitsTwisting By The PoolCanadavg+/vg+ps, toc7,00
12"(Dire Straits) Knopfler, Mark & Willy DeVilleStorybook LoveHollandex/exps9,00
12"DoorsHonor The Treaties  ps, new24,00
12"Dr. FeelgoodShe's a WindupUKvg+/exps, die-cut sleeve14,00
12"Dylan, BobAbandoned Love EPHollandex/exps, wol, promo40,00
12"Einstuerzende NeubautenFeurioGermanyex/exps9,00
12"ErasureCrackers InternationalUKex/exps5,00
12"ErasureIt Doesn't Have To BeUKex/exps5,00
12"ErasureShip Of FoolsSwedenex/exps5,00
12"FelixIt Will Make Me CrazyGermanyex/exps5,00
12"Ferry, BryanWindswept + 3Germanyvg+/exps7,00
12"ForeignerI Don't Want To Live Without YouUSAvg+promo, wol7,00
12"ForeignerThe Flame Still Burns EPEUm/mps, new, 10"18,00
12"Franz FerdinandDo You Want To m/mps, new9,00
12"Frazier ChorusSloppy HeartUKex/exps6,00
12"FuzzboxWhat's The PointUKex/exps5,00
12"GarbageBreaking Up The GirlUKm/mps, new8,00
12"GarbageCherry LipsUKm/mps, new, 2x7", PROMO16,00
12"Garfunkel, ArtSo Much In LoveHollandvg+/exps5,00
12"GenesisIllegal AlienUKvg+/vg+ps, woc, sol5,00
12"GenesisIn Too DeepGermanyex/exps7,00
12"(Genesis) Gabriel, PeterSledgehammerGermanyex/exps7,00
12"Golden EarringTurn The World AroundGermanyex/exps6,00
12"Gordon, RobertSomeday, SomewayUSAexpromo20,00
12"Grab Grab The HaddockFour More Songs By Grab Grab The Haddock EPUKvg+/exps, woc14,00
12"HawkwindSonic Assassins EPUKvg+/exps12,00
12"Healey, JeffWhile My Guitar Gently WeepsGermanyex/exps5,00
12"HellacoptersMy Mephistophelean CreedSwedenex/exps14,00
12"Hiatt, JohnSay It With FlowersUSAvg/exps, promo, woc9,00
12"Hillage, SteveAloneUKex/exps9,00
12"Hunter, IanAll Of The Good Ones Are TakenUSAvg+/exps, promo12,00
12"idol, BillyEyes Without A FaceUKvg+/exps7,00
12"INXSNew SensationUSAexpicture disc20,00
12"It BitesStill Too Young To RememberGermanyex/exps7,00
12"Ka-Spel, EdwardThe Textures Of IlluminaGermanyex/exps, ins, 10"9,00
12"Kaukonen, JormaLove Is StrangeUSAexwol, promo10,00
12"KillersMr. BrightsideEUvg+/exps, 10", promo40,00
12"Kings Of The SunSerpentineGermanyvg+/exps, woc7,00
12"Kinks(Wish I Could Fly Like) SupermanUSAvg+/vg+ps7,00
12"Kinks4 Track EP - The State Of ConfusionUKex/exps7,00
12"KinksCome DancingGermanyex/exps7,00
12"Korova MilkbarLike Chewing ElectricitySwedenvg+/exps, toc7,00
12"KraftwerkMusique Non StopGermanyvg+/exps12,00
12"LyresSomeone Who'll Treat You Right NowFranceex/exps9,00
12"Madonna4 MinutesEUm/mps, 2x12", new17,00
12"MadonnaCosmic ClimbUKex/exps8,00
12"MadonnaOh My!UKex/exps8,00
12"MadonnaWho's That GirlGermanyex/exps7,00
12"Manfred Mann's Earth BandDo Anything You Wanna DoGermanyex/exps7,00
12"Manic Street PreachersMotorcycle EmptinessUKexpicture disc20,00
12"Manic Street PreachersRepeatUKvg+/exps, toc20,00
12"MarillionCover My Eyes (Pain And Heaven)UKvg+/exps, poster9,00
12"MarillionGarden PartyUKvg+/exps, toc14,00
12"MarillionHe Knows You KnowUKvg+/exps, toc14,00
12"MarillionPunch And JudyUKex/exps9,00
12"Massive AttackUnfinished SympathyGermanyex/exps14,00
12"Meat Beat ManifestoPsyche-OutUSAvg+/exps7,00
12"Michael, GeorgeCareless Whisper (extended mix)Hollandvg+/exps5,00
12"Mitchell, KimGo For SodaUKvg+/exps5,00
12"Mock TurtlesAnd Then She SmilesHollandex/exps8,00
12"Molly HatchetSatisfied ManUKexcompany sleeve7,00
12"Morrison, VanOrangefieldUKex/exps7,00
12"MoveI Can Hear The Grass Grow + 3UKex/exps7,00
12"Neon JudgementA Man Ain't No Man When...EPBelgiumex/exps9,00
12"New York DollsPersonality Crisis + 3 EPUKvg+/exps12,00
12"(Oasis) Gallagher, NoelIt's a Beautiful WorldUKm/mps, new, still sealed12,00
12"OMDBrides Of FrankensteinUSAex 5,00
12"Pink FloydAnother Brick In The Wall (confused mix) m1-sided12,00
12"Pink FloydInterviewUKm10", pink vinyl, PINK 10114,00
12"(Pink Floyd) Gilmour, DavidBlue LightGermanyvg+/exps14,00
12"(Pink Floyd) Waters, Roger5.01 AM (The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking)Germanyex/exps14,00
12"PoguesPoguetry In Motion EPUKex/exps9,00
12"PoguesWhite CityGermanyvg+/exps, woc9,00
12"PoliceDon't Stand So Close To Me '86 + 3Germanyvg+/exps, soc, toc7,00
12"Pop, IggyHomeGermanyex/exps7,00
12"Pop, IggySome Weird Sin + 3 m/mps, new10,00
12"(Porcupine Tree) Wilson, StevenLuminolEUm/mps, picture disc, new25,00
12"Primal ScreamHigher Than The SunUKex/exps9,00
12"PrinceLet's Pretend We're MarriedCanadaex/exps12,00
12"R.E.M.Wendell GeeHollandvg+/exps, soc12,00
12"Roxy MusicTake A Chance With MeUKvg+/exps5,00
12"Rundgren, ToddSomething To Fall Back OnUKex/exps7,00
12"SagaOnly Time Will TellGermanyex/exps7,00
12"Seger, BobAmerican StormUKex/exps5,00
12"Seger, BobTill It ShinesUKvg+/exps9,00
12"ShamenFace EPFranceex/exps5,00
12"ShamenPhorwardUKex/exps, 10"9,00
12"Skunk AnansieSquanderEUm/mps, new8,00
12"Small FacesItchycoo ParkEUex/exps, 10" picture disc14,00
12"Smashing PumpkinsThe End Is The Beginning Is The EndGermanyex/exps9,00
12"(Smiths) MorrisseyI Just Want To See The Boy HappyEUm/mpicture disc, unplayed30,00
12"(Smiths) MorrisseyInteresting DrugUKex/exps17,00
12"Sonic YouthStarpowerUKex/exps17,00
12"(Sparks) Les Rita Mitsouko & SparksSinging In The ShowerGermanyex/exps7,00
12"Springsteen, BruceBorn In The USAHollandvg+/exps, toc7,00
12"Springsteen, BruceChimes Of FreedomHollandex/exps9,00
12"Springsteen, BruceGlory Days +3Hollandex/exps7,00
12"Springsteen, BruceHuman TouchHollandvg/vg+ps, toc5,00
12"Stewart, AlYear Of The CatSpainvg+/vg+ps14,00
12"StingDesert Rose + 2 m/mps, new10,00
12"Stone RosesFools GoldUSAex/exps, gold vinyl35,00
12"SupertrampI'm Beggin' YouGermanyvg+/exps5,00
12"T. RexMegarex 2UKex/exps10,00
12"T. RexMellow LoveUKex/exps10,00
12"Tail GatorsRock 'n' Roll Till The Cows Come HomeUSAex/exps9,00
12"Talking HeadsWild Wild LifeHollandex/exps7,00
12"Therapy?Trigger InsideUKex/vg+ps, promo12,00
12"Thorogood, GeorgeNight TimeUSAexcompany sleeve, promo9,00
12"Townshend, PeteA Friend Is a FriendGermanyex/exps, co5,00
12"Twenty Flight RockersTower Block RockFrancevg+/exps7,00
12"U 2All I Want Is YouUKvg+/exps, box w/ 4 prints17,00
12"U 2Angel Of HarlemSwedenex/exps12,00
12"U 2DesireUKvg+/exps, toc7,00
12"U 2DiscothequeUKex/mps, 3x12", poster, inn, unplayed20,00
12"U 2Fire +3Germanyvg+/exps, toc17,00
12"U 2I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking ForUKvg+/exps, toc8,00
12"U 2Mofo RemixesUKm/mps, unplayed9,00
12"U 2New Year's Day (long version)Germanyex/exps12,00
12"U 2The Unforgettable FireCanadaex/exps12,00
12"U 2With Or Without YouItalyex/exps12,00
12"U 2 vs Johnny ViciousStreets Have No Name m 10,00
12"Wall of VoodooDo It AgainUSAex/exps5,00
12"Walsh, JoeThe Radio SongUSAvg+/exps, promo10,00
12"VaynesBaby CruelUKex/exps7,00
12"Wilde, KimRage To LoveGermanyex/exps, co7,00
12"Winwood, SteveDon't You Know What The Night Can Do?UKex/exps5,00
12"YelloCall It LoveGermanyex/exps7,00
12"YelloTied UpGermanyex/exps7,00
12"YesWonderous StoriesUKex/exps, blue vinyl12,00
12"Zappa, FrankBobby BrownSwedenex/exps17,00
12"Zappa, FrankStairway To HeavenUKex/exps25,00
12"Zappa, FrankTrue Glove EPGermanyvg+/vg+ps12,00
12"Zappa, Frank & MoonValley GirlUSAex/exps, inn, promo14,00

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