Hippie Shake Records
Punk & New Wave 7" & 12" Singles

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7"3 Car GarageHow Does It FeelUSAex/exps5,00
7"(4 Skins/Max Splodge/Business+1) VariousBollocks To Christmas EPUKvg+/vg+ps25,00
7"45 AdaptersDress Well, Drink HeavilyGermanyex/exps, ins, white vinyl5,00
7"9 Shocks TerrorSame EPUSAex/exps4,00
12"A Certain RatioKnife Slits WaterUKex/vg+ps12,00
7"A.P.P.L.E.A Sensitive Fascist Is Very RareUSAex/exps, ins, red/white sleeve9,00
7"Adam & The AntsAntmusicHollandvg+/exps4,00
7"Adam & The AntsDog Eat DogHollandex/exps4,00
7"Adam & The AntsStand And DeliverHollandex/exps4,00
7"(Adam & The Ants) Adam AntGoody Two ShoesUKex/exps4,00
12"Adrenalin O.D.Theme From An Imaginary Midget WesternUKex/exps, 10"9,00
7"AftermathGoodbye To Washington EPUSAex/exps, ins4,00
7"AftermathGoodbye To Washington EPUSAex/exps, yellow vinyl, ins4,00
7"AgathoclesMince-Mongers In Barna EPBelgiumex/exps7,00
7"AgathoclesNo Use..(Hatred) EPBelgiumex/exps7,00
7"Agathocles / MalevolentSplit 7"Belgiumex/exps7,00
7"Agathocles / PunisherSplit 7"Belgiumex/exps7,00
7"Aire, JaneYankee WheelsUKvg+/exps, toc5,00
7"Al-AnonWildsauparty Volume 1Germanyvg/vgps, ins5,00
12"AlarmAbsolute RealityHollandex/exps7,00
12"AlarmThe Chant Has Just BegunHollandex/exps7,00
7"AlarmRain In The SummertimeHollandex/exps4,00
7"AlarmThe Chant Has Just BegunHollandvg+/exps4,00
7"Alexander, Willie And The Boom Boom BandYou've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'UKex/exps, clear vinyl5,00
12"Alien Sex FiendHaunted HouseUKexwhite label promo9,00
7"All Out WarHymns Of The ApocalypseUSAex/exps, green vinyl12,00
7"Alptraum GmbHCreate ConfusionGermanyex/vg+ps, ins17,00
7"American HateDead SqueezeUSAex/exps, ins5,00
7"American Nightmare4 Song DemoUSAex/exps, clear vinyl. ins7,00
7"AntibodiesAre HereUSAex/exps, green vinyl4,00
7"AntibodiesConcrete Rockers Go Uptown EPCanadaex/exps, ins4,00
7"Any Last WordsAny Last Words EPUSAex/exps4,00
7"AppraiseAppraise EPSpainex/exps, ins5,00
7"Armed CitizensCitizens On The March EPUSAex/exps4,00
7"Artimus PyleFortress EPUSAex/exps4,00
7"AssaultRace To Destruction EPUSAex/exps, ins4,00
7"AssfortChange Of Price Or Real Speed EPJapanex/exps, ins6,00
12"AttritionShrinkwrapUKex/exps, promo photo, poster, inserts17,00
12"B-52's(Meet) The FlintstonesHollandex/exps7,00
7"B-52'sLove ShackGermanyex/exps7,00
7"Bad AttitudeInner Motives EPUKex/exps, ins4,00
12"Bad MannersThat'll Do NicelyUKvg+/vg+ps, toc7,00
7"BambixThey Even Took The Memory EPGermanyex/vg+ps, ins5,00
12"(Bauhaus) Murphy, PeterTale Of The TongueUKex/exps7,00
12"Big Audio DynamiteC'mon Every BeatboxUKvg+/exps, 2x12"12,00
12"Big Audio DynamiteE=MC2Hollandex/exps7,00
7"Billybesti/GrabbtchedSame EPItalyvg+/exps5,00
7"Black SSSame EPUSAex/exps4,00
7"Blaggers I.T.A.Thrill Her With a GunUKex/exps, orange vinyl5,00
7"Blanc EstocSuber Die Gläser Nie Klingen...Austriaexpicture disc5,00
7"Blank StareSuicide + 2Polandex/exps, ins4,00
7"Blind AuthorityNo FutureUKex/exps, red vinyl8,00
7"BlitzNew Breed EPUSAex/exps30,00
12"BlockheadsTwist & ShoutUKex/exps5,00
7"BlondieCall MeJapanex/exps, WWR-2070017,00
7"BlondieHeart Of GlassJapanex/exps14,00
7"BlondieI'm Always Touched By Your Prence, DearHollandvg+/exps9,00
7"BlondieThe Tide Is HighHollandvg+/exps, sol, toc9,00
7"(Blondie) Harry, DebbieFree To FallUKex/exps5,00
7"(Blondie) Harry, DebbieFrench KissinGermanyex/exps4,00
7"(Blondie) Harry, DebbieIn Love With LoveGermanyvg+/exps, toc4,00
7"(Blondie) Harry, DeborahI Want That ManUKex/exps4,00
12"Boomtown RatsDaveUKvg+/exps6,00
7"Boomtown RatsBanana RepublicJapanex/exps, 7PP-18, promo14,00
7"Boomtown RatsDiamond SmilesSwedenex/exps7,00
7"Boomtown RatsDrag Me DownHollandex/exps5,00
7"Boomtown RatsDun LaoghaireUKvgred flexi5,00
7"Boomtown RatsNever In a Million YearsHollandex/exps5,00
7"Boomtown RatsShe's So ModernUKvg+/exps7,00
7"Boomtown RatsSomeone's Looking At YouJapanex/exps30,00
7"Boomtown RatsSomeone's Looking At YouSwedenvg/exps, woc6,00
7"Bow Wow WowGo Wild In The CountryUKvg+/exps4,00
7"BoysI'm a BelieverFinlandm/mps, new10,00
7"Bram TchaikovskyGirl Of My DreamsUKvg/exps, 2x7", toc5,00
7"Bread And Water/Reason Of InsanitySame EPUSAex/exps4,00
7"BrethrenNo RegretsUSAex/exps, light blue vinyl5,00
7"Burns, Jake & Big WheelOn Fortune StreetUKex/exps5,00
7"(Buzzcocks) Devoto, HowardCold ImaginationUKvg+/exps7,00
12"(Buzzcocks) F.O.CExiles EPUKex/exps7,00
7"Campus TrampsVa-Va-Voom!Japanex/vg+ps, translucent black4,00
7"Cast AsideovercomeUSAex/exps4,00
7"Charlie Don't SurfSix Songs To Die For...EPBelgiumex/exps, ins4,00
7"Cheap TragediesDays Of Our HesUSAex/exps, marbled vinyl4,00
7"Chemical PeopleAsk The AngelsUSAex/exps, purple vinyl7,00
7"Chemical PeopleAsk The AngelsUKex/exps4,00
7"ChorusThese StonesUKvg+/exps8,00
12"ClashThis Is Radio Clash/Radio ClashUSAexri, company sleeve12,00
7"ClashKnow Your RightsItalyg+/exps, toc7,00
7"ClashKnow Your RightsSpainvg+/vg+ps, woc14,00
7"ClashRadio ClashHollandex/exps9,00
7"ClashReturn To BrixtonSpainvg+company sleeve, 1-sided promo, wol25,00
7"ClashShould I Stay Or Should I GoHollandvg+/exps, ri "Levi's"7,00
7"ClashThis Is EnglandUKex/exps, poster sleeve17,00
7"ClashThis Is EnglandUKex/vg+ps7,00
7"ClashThis Is Radio ClashSpainex/exps, promo40,00
12"(Clash) Strummer, JoeTrash CityUKvg+/exps14,00
7"(Clash) Strummer, JoeGangstervilleSpainexcompany sleeve, 1-sided promo14,00
7"Cockney RejectsTill The End Of The DayUKex/exps7,00
7"Code 13A Part America Died TodayUSAex/exps, marbled vinyl4,00
7"Code 13Doomed SocietyUSAex/exps4,00
12"Costello, ElvisBlue ChairUKvg+/exps7,00
12"Costello, ElvisI'm Your ToyUKvg+/exps7,00
12"Costello, ElvisTokyo Storm Warning pts 1 & 2UKex/exps7,00
7"Costello, ElvisDon't Let Me Be MisunderstoodUKvg+/exps4,00
7"Costello, ElvisEveryday I Write The BookUSAvg+/exps, woc4,00
7"Costello, ElvisI Can't Stand Up For Falling DownSwedenex/exps5,00
7"Costello, ElvisI Wanna Be LovedSpainex/exps5,00
7"Costello, ElvisI Wanna Be LovedUKex/exps4,00
7"Costello, ElvisSweet DreamsUKex/exps4,00
7"Costello, ElvisYou Little FoolUKex/exps4,00
7"(Costello, Elvis) ImposterPills And SoapUKex 4,00
7"(Costello, Elvis) Jimmy Cliff & Elvis CostelloSeven-Day WeekendHollandex/exps4,00
7"Cowboys InternationalAftermathUKex/exps, orange vinyl14,00
7"CoäccionRevolver EPUSAex/exps, ins5,00
7"Crashed OutMemories Of SaturdayUKex/exps5,00
7"CrawlersAll My Punk Rock Children EPUSAex/exps, green vinyl, ins5,00
7"CreaturesRight NowGermanyex/vg+ps4,00
7"CrudeSmash The Wall For FreedomFinlandex/exps, ins5,00
7"CTRKuruizaki Attack!Japanex/exps7,00
7"Cuddly ToysMadmanUKvg+/exps5,00
12"CureA Letter To EliseUKvg/vg+ps25,00
12"CureNever Enough + 2UKex/expromo w/ A4 promo insert20,00
7"D.O.G.Declaration Of Genocide EPHollandex/exps, ins5,00
7"Dag VagSamma SångSwedenvg+/exps, toc, soc5,00
7"Dahl, JeffHelium BratsFinlandex/xeps7,00
12"DamnedAnythingUKvg+/vg+ps, 10", blue vinyl, toc12,00
12"DamnedAnythingGermanyvg/exps, toc7,00
12"DamnedEloiseUKex/exps, promo9,00
12"DamnedThanks For The NightUKex/exps7,00
7"DamnedGigoloUKex/exps, poster sleeve, yellow vinyl7,00
7"DamnedGrimly FiendishGermanyex/exps5,00
7"DamnedIn Dulce DecorumUKex/exps6,00
7"DamnedThanks For The NightUKexshaped picture disc w/ plinth60,00
7"DamnedThanks For The NightUKexpicture disc12,00
7"DamnedWhite RabbitGermanyex/exps20,00
12"(Damned) Captain SensibleStop The WorldHollandex/exps7,00
7"(Damned) Captain SensibleHappy TalkUKex/exps5,00
7"(Damned) Captain SensibleI'm a SpiderHollandvg/exps5,00
7"(Damned) Captain SensibleStop The WorldHollandex/exps5,00
7"Dax, DanielleBad Miss "M"UKex/exps5,00
7"Dax, DanielleCat-HouseDenmarkex/exps4,00
7"Dead KennedysToo Drunk To FuckFinlandvg+/vg+ps, woc17,00
7"Death WhiteWhen We Were Young EP?ex/exps, ins, white vinyl5,00
7"DeathreatSame EPUSAex/exps, red vinyl, ins5,00
7"DefeatistIn Praise Of False HopeUSAex/exps4,00
7"DialloDiagram Of a ScamGermanyex/exps4,00
7"Dirty B.S.Dirty B.S. EPCanadaex/exps, black/white sleeve4,00
7"Dishonorable DischargeUskyldige Mennesker Sulter Og Lider EPNorwayex/exps5,00
7"Dolby, ThomasClose But No CigarUKex/exps4,00
7"Doll By DollCaritasUKex/exps5,00
7"Doll By DollMain Travelled RoadsUKvg+/exps4,00
7"Doll By DollThe Palace Of LoveUKex/exps5,00
7"Down SyndromeDon Syndrome EPCanadag/vgposter sleeve, stains9,00
7"Down To Nothing/On Thin IceSplit EPUSAex/exps5,00
7"Dream Is Dead/ Gates Of SlumberBurn In Hell + 2USAex/vg+ps, grey vinyl5,00
7"DronesSortedFinlandvg+/vg+ps, white vinyl4,00
7"Dumb BlondesStrange Love/SorrowUKex/exps7,00
7"Dury, IanI Want To Be StraightUKvg+/exps5,00
7"Dury, IanSueperman's Big SisterUKex/exps5,00
7"East BeastSame EPUSAex/exps, green vinyl7,00
12"EaterLock It UpUKvg+/vg+ps, woc, toc7,00
7"Eddie & The Hot RodsLive At The MarqueeUKex/exps7,00
7"Eddie & The Hot RodsMedia MessiahsUKex/exps7,00
7"Endless NightmareSame EPUSAex/exps4,00
7"Essential LogicEugeneUKex/exps14,00
7"Ex PistolsLand Of Hope & GloryUKex/vg+ps7,00
7"Exhale/DialloSame EPUSAex/exps4,00
7"Face Of DeclineSame EPUSAex/exps5,00
7"Fast TimesWhere Were You...USAex/exps, ins5,00
7"Fear TomorrowBorn In BloodUSAex/exps, red vinyl4,00
12"(Fields Of Nephilim) NefilimPenetrationUKvg+/exps, toc25,00
12"Fields Of The NephilimOne More NightmareUKex/exps, 10"14,00
7"Filthy FewLive At C.B.G.B.'s N.Y.C.USAex/vg+ps, ins5,00
7"FingerprintzBohemian DanceUKex/exps5,00
7"FingerprintzBullet Proof HeartUKex/exps5,00
7"FingerprintzThe Beat EscapeUKvg+/exps5,00
7"FingerprintzWho's Your Friend?UKvg+/vg+ps, blue vinyl7,00
7"Fired UpWhen The Lights Go OutUSAex/exps, red vinyl4,00
7"Fishermen's StewSmall Life, Hollow Roads, And Fairy TalesGermanyex/exps, ins4,00
7"FlysName DroppingUKvg+/vg+ps, green vinyl15,00
12"FoetusBedrockUKex/exps, inn9,00
12"FoetusButterfly PotionUKex/exps9,00
7"ForfeitVisionsUSAex/exps, ins, splatter vinyl6,00
7"ForwardAnother DimensionJapanex/exps5,00
7"Fucked UpNo EpiphanyUSAex/exps, ins5,00
12"G.B.H.Oh No It's G.B.H. Again EPUKvg+/exps, toc20,00
7"Garbo's Celluloid HeroesOnly Death Is FatalUKvg+/exps15,00
7"Gehenna/California LoveGet Fucked UpUSAex/exps, yellow cover6,00
12"GigantorHello There EPUKex/exps, blue vinyl9,00
7"Glory StompersTory Crimes EPUSAex/exps7,00
7"GluttonsSame EPUKex/exps4,00
7"GoReactiveUSAex/exps, ri4,00
7"GoWhat We Build TogetherUSAex/exps4,00
12"(Go-Go's) Wiedlin, JaneInside a DreamHollandex/exps5,00
7"God Is My Co-PilotOotko Sä Poika Vai Tyttö? EPFinlandex/exps, clear vinyl9,00
7"GonadsPure Punk For Row People EPUKex/vg+ps10,00
12"Green DayJesus Of SuburbiaEUm/myellow vinyl, new, 10"9,00
7"Growing MovementSame EPUSAex/exps4,00
7"GuidanceAge Of ViceUKex/exps6,00
7"GundogPowerUKvg+/exps, ins14,00
7"Hagen, NinaMy WayGermanyex/exps7,00
7"Hagen, NinaPunkhochzeitGermanyvg/exps5,00
7"Hammer BrosSleep Forever EPUSAex/exps4,00
7"Hard ResistanceWant a Man DeadGermanyex/exps, red vinyl, ins5,00
7"Hard-OnsWhere Did She Come From?UKex/exps7,00
7"HarkonenHung To DryUSAex/exps, green vinyl, ins4,00
7"HeadcaseReady To GoFranceex/exps5,00
7"HeadstonesYou Got LoveAustraliaex/exps5,00
7"HeadwoundKings Of BeerUSAex/exps, white vinyl7,00
12"Hell, RichardGo NowUKm10", yellow vinyl, 1-sided14,00
7"HivesTarred And FeatheredEUex/exps12,00
7"Hollier Than ThouRat Patrol +3 EPUSAex/exps, ins5,00
7"Human PowerSame EPUKex/exps, green sleeve9,00
7"HästpojkenShane MacGowanSwedenm/mps, new8,00
7"Ice NineNobody's SonUSAex/exps, ins4,00
7"IdentityClouds EPSpainex/vg+ps, ins4,00
7"IndustrialsClones Of RadiolandHollandvg+/exps4,00
7"IndustrialsVoodoo IslandHollandvg+/vg+ps, woc4,00
7"Inhuman ConditionsSupportGermanyex/exps, ins7,00
7"InsightBeyond The CircleFranceex/exps5,00
7"InvadersGirl's In ActionUKex/exps7,00
7"IroncladSame Old Way +4 EPUKex/exps, inn, blue vinyl5,00
7"Ironclad/Never AgainSplit EPUSAex/exps5,00
12"JamBeat SurrenderUSAex/exps12,00
7"JamBeat SurrenderUKex/exps7,00
7"JamFuneral PyreUKvg+/exps, toc5,00
7"JamTown Called aliceSpainex/exps17,00
12"(Jam) Weller, PaulWild WoodUKvg+/exps, inn20,00
7"(Jam) Weller, PaulUh Huh Oh YehGermanyvg+/exps, toc5,00
12"Jesus & Mary ChainBlues From a GunUSAvg+promo12,00
12"Jesus And Mary ChainRollercoaster EPGermanyex/exps12,00
7"Johnny G.Blue Suede ShoesHollandvg+/vg+ps5,00
7"Johnny G.MonopheniaUKex/exps7,00
7"Johnny Teen & The Broken HeartsShe Stinks Of SexAustraliavg+/exps, toc7,00
7"KaosAki Non Se Rinde NinguenSpainex/exps12,00
12"Killing JokeLove Like BloodUKvg+/exps, toc9,00
12"Killing JokeLove Like Blood (live)UKmcompany sleeve14,00
7"Killing JokeAmericaUKex/exps5,00
7"Killing JokeAmericaGermanyex/exps5,00
7"Kind That KillsThe Kind That Kills EP?ex/exps, ins4,00
7"Last Year's YouthModern Living EPUSAex/exps7,00
7"Life AliveThe Winning HandJapanex/exps4,00
7"Lords Of The New ChurchLike a VirginHollandvg+/exps7,00
12"Love And RocketsThe LightUKex/exps7,00
7"Lower Class BratsGlam BastardUSAex/exps, ins5,00
12"Madness(Waiting For) The Ghost TrainUKex/exps7,00
12"MadnessSweetest GirlUKex/exps7,00
12"MadnessUncle SamUKex/exps7,00
12"MadnessYesterdays MenGermanyex/exps7,00
7"MadnessCardiac ArrestUKex/exps7,00
7"MadnessNW5EUm/mps, new6,00
7"MadnessSweetest GirlUKex/exps, 2x7"8,00
7"MagazineAbout The WeatherUKvg+/exps7,00
7"Maledictive Pigs/SkinlessSplit EPGermanyex/exps4,00
12"March VioletsDeepUKvg+/exps7,00
7"McLaren, MalcolmBuffalo GalHollandvg+/vg+ps5,00
7"Mega City FourMiles ApartUKex/exps, ri7,00
12"MekonsGreetings Eight EPItalyex/vg+ps, inn12,00
7"MeltdownDemolition EPUSAex/exps, ins, white vinyl5,00
7"MeltdownNo TomorrowUSAex/exps, grey vinyl5,00
7"MeltdownSame EPUSAex/exps4,00
12"MembersOffshore Banking BusinessUKvg+/exps5,00
7"MembersKilling TimeUKex/exps5,00
12"MisfitsLand Of The DeadUSAex/exps, red vinyl12,00
12"MissionTower Of StrengthHollandvg+/exps5,00
7"MotorsDancing The Night AwayGermanyex/exps5,00
7"MotorsLove And LonelinessUKex/exps4,00
7"MotorsThat's What John SaidUKex/exps4,00
7"Nash The Slash19th Nervous BreakdownGermanyvg+/exps, toc7,00
7"Neon Leon And The Bondage BabiesGirls, Guns And MoneySwedenvg+/exps, woc9,00
7"New MusikLiving by NumbersHollandex/exps7,00
7"NightshiftLove Is BlindUKvg+/exps7,00
12"Nine Nine Nine13th Floor MadnessUKvg+company sleeve7,00
7"Nine Nine NineTroubleUKex/exps7,00
7"No ReplyI'm Still Fucking Pissed + 8 EPUSAex/exps, ins4,00
7"No ThanxSchool Dayz EPUSAex/exps5,00
7"No Win SituationRat Bastard EPUSAex/exps, red vinyl5,00
7"Numan, GaryI Can't StopGermanyvg+/exps5,00
7"Numan, GaryMiraclesUKvg+/exps, red vinyl, soc7,00
7"Numan, GaryShe's Got ClawsUKvg+/exps4,00
7"Numan, GaryYour FascinationGermanyex/exps5,00
7"NutsCreepsSwedenvg+A4 size promo insert7,00
7"Old Fashioned IdeasHopp & Förtvivlan EPSwedenex/exps, picture disc5,00
7"Pick Your SideSnakes & LaddersGermanyex/exps4,00
7"Pick Your SideSurvival PrayerUSAex/exps4,00
7"PilsköpfeTausend Tolle TageGermanyex/vg+ps, ins7,00
7"Plagued With RageI Won't ForgetUSAex/exps4,00
7"Plan Of AttackPainHollandex/exps, white vinyl, ins5,00
12"Pork DukesMaking BaconUKex/exps, yellow vinyl14,00
7"ProfessionalsJust Another DreamUKvg+/exps7,00
7"Psychedelic FursThe Ghost In YouJapanex/exps, 075P-29512,00
12"Public Image Ltd.Australian Tour Souvenir EPAustraliaex/exps30,00
12"Public Image Ltd.DisappointedGermanyex/exps7,00
7"Public Image Ltd.CruelUKex/exps5,00
7"Public Image Ltd.Flowers Of RomanceUKex/vg+ps5,00
7"Public Image Ltd.Seattle...UKex/exps5,00
7"Pulling Teeth/Shin To ShinGrudgeholder/ExtinctionUSAex/exps, yellow vinyl7,00
7"Pure PressureRelampago De FuriaUSAex/exps, orange vinyl7,00
7"RamonesSheena Is a Punk RockerGermanyex/exps60,00
7"(Ramones) Ramones/PretendersShe Is a Sensation/Message Of LoveSpainvg1-sided promo flexi17,00
12"RedsBreak On Through + 3USAex/exps, 10"9,00
7"Reducers S.F.Don't Like YouUSAex/exps5,00
7"RevillosMotor Bike BeatUKex/exps10,00
7"RevillosWhere's The Boy For MeUKex/exps10,00
7"Robinson, Tom Band2-4-6-8 MotorwayUKex/exps5,00
7"Robinson, Tom BandBully For YouSwedenvg+/exps6,00
7"Robinson, Tom BandRising Free EPUKvg+/exps5,00
7"Rollins, HenryLet There Be RockUSAex/exps12,00
7"RoogalatorLove And The Single GirlUKex/exps4,00
7"RoogalatorZero HeroUKvg+/vg+ps6,00
12"Rose Of AvalancheToo Many castles In The SkyUKvg+/exps7,00
7"RoundhouseLashing Out EPUSAex/vg+ps, ins4,00
7"S.B.V.8 Song EPUSAex/exps, ins4,00
7"S.C. VolunteersSalute/Thursdays + 3 EPUSAex/exps, ins4,00
7"Said And DoneWeight Of The WorldUKvg+/exps, inn, ins4,00
7"ScarsAll About YouUKex/exps5,00
7"Schwarzen SchafeWir Haben Noch Lange Nicht Genug!Germanyex/vg+ps5,00
7"Sealed With a FistBeside The LionUSAex/exps, ins4,00
7"Secret Prostitutes/Crooked BangsSame EPGermanyex/vg+ps4,00
7"Sectarian ViolenceSame EPUSAex/exps, ins4,00
7"Seein' RedSame EPHollandvg+/vg+ps, ins7,00
7"Senseless ThingsEverybody's GoneHollandvg+/exps, toc5,00
7"Senseless ThingsGot It at The DelmarUKvg/exps, woc5,00
7"Senseless ThingsHomophobic AssholeUKex/exps, grey vinyl5,00
7"Senseless ThingsPrimary InstinctUKex/exps, pink vinyl5,00
7"Senseless ThingsToo Much KissingUKex/exps7,00
7"Set To ExplodeFeel The Rage EPUSAex/exps4,00
7"SeuchenherdStrike EPGermanyex/exps4,00
12"Sex PistolsGod Save The QueenEUex/mps, ri, unplayed copy30,00
12"Sex PistolsTalkUKm10", blue vinyl, SEX 1010,00
12"Sex PistolsThe Biggest BlowUKex/vg+ps25,00
7"Sex Pistols(I'm Not Your) Stepping StoneUKex/vg+ps8,00
7"Sex PistolsC'mon EverybodyUKvg+/vg+ps7,00
7"Sex PistolsNo One Is InnocentUKvg+/vg+ps7,00
7"Sex PistolsPretty VacantUKex/exps14,00
7"Sex PistolsSilly ThingUKex/vg+ps7,00
12"Sham 69Rip And Tear (extended version)UKex/exps7,00
7"Shank/Minute ManifestoParasite/Minute ManifestoUKex/exps4,00
7"Short 'n' CurliesMake 'em Suffer EPGermanyex/vg+ps4,00
12"Siouxsie & The BansheesThis Wheel's On FireUKvg+/exps, toc7,00
7"Siouxsie And The BansheesDear PrudenceUKex/exps, gatefold9,00
7"Siouxsie And The BansheesFireworksUKex/exps7,00
7"Siouxsie And The BansheesSlowdiveUKex/exps7,00
7"Siouxsie And The BansheesSong From The Edge Of The WorldUKex/exps7,00
7"Sisters Of MercyThis CorrosionGermanyvg+/exps6,00
7"SkidsAnimationUKvg+/exps, toc6,00
7"SkidsGoodbye CivilianUKex/exps6,00
7"Sleeper CellSame EPUSAex/exps4,00
7"SlumlordsInvoluntary SkinheadUSAex/exps, blue vinyl5,00
12"Smith, PattiPeople Have The PowerGermanyex/exps8,00
7"Smith, PattiFrederickUKvg+/exps, toc7,00
7"Smith, PattiPrivilegeGermanyvg+/exps14,00
7"SmugglersDie Smugglers At GermanyGermanyex/exps7,00
7"So Be ItThe Wrath Of The SkiesUSAex/exps, white vinyl4,00
7"Social CirckleI've Got Afflictions EPUSAex/exps, ins4,00
7"Social DisorderMedia LiesGermanyvg+/vg+ps, inserts4,00
7"Soul SearchBury The BlameUSAex/exps5,00
7"Spine WrenchTapping The VeinUKex/exps4,00
7"SplinterScathed (The Last Anthology Of Failures)Germanyex/exps, red vinyl4,00
7"SqueezeAnnie Get Your GunHollandvg+/exps, soc5,00
7"SqueezeBlack Coffee In BedHollandvg+/exps5,00
7"SqueezeIf I Didn't Love YouUSAex/vg+ps, 5" single10,00
7"Stiff Little FingersBack To FrontUKex/exps7,00
7"Stiff Little FingersBits Of KidsUKvg+/exps7,00
7"Straight To Hell/Balance Of TerrorSame EPUSAex/exps, ins4,00
12"StranglersShakin' Like a LeafUKex/exps7,00
12"StranglersShakin' Like a Leaf (live)UKex/exps7,00
7"Stranglers96 TearsHollandvg+/exps4,00
7"StranglersAll Day And All Of The NightUKexshaped picture disc12,00
7"StranglersDon't Bring Harry EPUKex/exps5,00
7"StranglersDuchessJapanex/exps, ins25,00
7"StranglersShakin' Like a LeafUKvg+shaped picture disc12,00
12"(Stranglers) Cornwell, HughDreaming AgainUKex/exps5,00
12"(Stranglers) Cornwell, HughFacts + FiguresGermanyex/exps7,00
12"(Stranglers) Cornwell, HughOne In a MillionUKvg+/vg+ps5,00
7"(Stranglers) Cornwell, HughFacts + FiguresUKex/vg+ps4,00
7"(Stranglers) Cornwell, Hugh & R. WilliamsWhite RoomUKvg+/exps7,00
7"StrifeMy Fire Burns On...USAex/exps, ins4,00
12"StumpThe Peel SessionsUKex/exps, co7,00
7"Stupid Babies Go MadKichigai & Knife EPUSAex/exps4,00
7"Suede RazorsBoys Night OutUSAex/exps, yellow vinyl7,00
7"Suicidal Supermarket TrolleysGreetings from London EPSwitzerlandex/exps, green cover20,00
7"SwishAlles GoedUSAex/exps5,00
7"SystemLast Stand EPUSAex/exps4,00
7"TableDo The Standing StillUKex/vg+ps10,00
7"TankFamilyUSAex/exps, ins, yellow vinyl5,00
7"Tenpole TudorWünderbarUKvg+/exps5,00
12"Three JohnsDeath Of The EuropeanFrancevg+/exps, toc7,00
12"Thunders, JohnnyIn Cold Blood EPFranceex/exps17,00
7"Thunders, JohnnyHurt MeFranceex/exps17,00
12"Thunders, Johnny & Patti PaladinCrawfishUKex/exps12,00
12"Thunders, Johnny & Patti PaladinShe Wants To MamboUKex/exps10,00
7"Thunders, Johnny & Patti PaladinCrawfishUKex/exps9,00
7"Thunders, Johnny & Patti PaladinHe CriedSpainvg+/exps, 1-sided promo, wol, woc35,00
7"TiebreakStand Hard 1998Germanyex/exps4,00
7"TigerfaceReal FaceRussiaex/exps, lots of inserts5,00
7"TouristsDon't Say I Told You SoUKvg+/exps7,00
7"TroopsSave The BoyUKex/exps, demo7,00
7"Tyner, Robin & The Hot RodsTill The Night Is Gone (Let's Rock)UKvg+/exps9,00
12"UltravoxAll Fall DownHollandvg+/exps, woc7,00
7"UltravoxAll Fall DownGermanyex/exps5,00
7"UltravoxPassing StrangersUKvg+/exps7,00
7"UltravoxSame Old StoryUKexpicture disc10,00
7"UltravoxSame Old StoryUKex/vg+ps, outer plastic5,00
7"UltravoxSlow Motion + 3 EPUKvg+/exps, 2x7", noc8,00
12"(Ultravox) Foxx, JohnLike a MiracleUKex/exps7,00
7"UndertonesIt's Going To HappenHollandvg+/exps, woc, tol5,00
7"V.I.P.'sThe Quarter MoonUKvg+/exps8,00
7"War CrossLast Of Our Breed EPUSAex/exps, test press no: 04/205,00
7"VariousExtracts From Wargasm EPUKexpromo12,00
7"(Various) Ensign, Rain On The Parade etc.Growing Stronger EPUSAex/exps, ins4,00
7"(Various) Terrorcake, Glee Club, Intent etcThis Town We Own EPUSAex/exps, red vinyl, inserts4,00
7"Verlaine, TomA Town Called WalkerUKex/exps5,00
7"Verlaine, TomKaleidescopin'UKvg+/exps, soc5,00
7"Verlaine, TomPostcard From WaterlooUKvg+/exps7,00
7"Vicious IreneTrash Your Future EPGermanyex/exps, inn4,00
7"WildheartsTV TanUKex/exps, picture disc, 1-sided7,00
7"WombelsAber Angelika?Germanyex/exps, ins7,00
7"WombelsToo LongGermanyex/exps5,00
12"Wreckless EricHit And Miss JudyUKex/exps, orange vinyl14,00
7"Wreckless EricReconnez CherieUKex/exps9,00
12"XTCThe LovingUKex/exps9,00
7"XTCBattery BridesUKex/exps, 2x7"10,00
7"XTCLove On a Farmboy's WagesGermanyex/exps5,00
7"XTCMayor Of SimpletonGermanyex/exps5,00
7"XTCThe DisappointedUKex/exps5,00
7"You SuckThe You Suck ChantUSAvg+/exps, ins12,00
7"Young BucksGet Your Feet Back On The GroundUKex/vg+ps10,00
7"Your MistakeWorthless EPRussiaex/exps, ins, gold vinyl7,00

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