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CDAardvarksBargain  Delerium10,00
CDAavikkoMonopoly  Ektro records14,00
CDAchard, CyrilConfusion  Musea16,00
CDAchard, CyrilIn Inconstancia Constans  Lion Music16,00
CDAfter AllA.C.I.D.  Periferic Records17,00
CDAgamonOpen Up Your Eyes  Mellotronen12,00
DVDAkkerman, JanLive  DTS, PAL19,00
CDAlrune Rod4-Vejs  Karma Music19,00
DVDAndromedaPlaying Off The Board  Metal Mind, w/ bonus CD22,00
CDAnimaI  ZYX15,00
DVDAnthraxSoldiers Of Metal  BCI Eclipse10,00
CDArktisOn The Rocks  Garden Of Delights17,00
CD(Ashra Tempel) John L. and AdamahLonesome In Overdrive  Green Tree records16,00
CDAtlantisPray For Rain  Jonsongs17,00
CDAtomic RoosterMasters From The Vaults  Classic Rock14,00
CDBedlamSame  Zoom Club records20,00
CDBelascoTechnique  Supermusic15,00
CDBennett, CliffThe Rebel Rousers  EMI, digipack12,00
CDBerkers, JerryUnterwegs  ZYX15,00
CDBlackPeccatis Nostris/Capistrani Pugnator  Black widow records17,00
CDBlack SpiritSame  Ohrwaschl Records17,00
CDBlackmore's NightDancer And The Moon  Soul Food, CD+DVD, limited boxset45,00
CDBlackmore's NightFires At Midnight  SPV, ltd. velvet pack20,00
CDBlackthorneAfterlife  CMC records, co, feat. Graham Bonnet8,00
CDBlossom ToesWe Are Ever So CleanJapan Airmail recordings, miniature LP sleeve32,00
CDBodin, TomasSonic Boulevard  Insideout17,00
CDBolin, TommyLive At Northern Lights '76  TBA19,00
CDBolin, TommySnapshot  Angel Air19,00
CDBootSame  Lizard Records17,00
CDBowie, DavidRealityJapan Sony, 2-CD42,00
CDBowie, DavidThe Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust...Japan Parlophone20,00
CDBowie, DavidZiggy Stardust - Soundtrack  EMI, 2-CD, 30th anniversary25,00
DVDBowie, DavidBest Of Bowie  EMI, 2-DVD, PAL25,00
CDBrigman, GeorgeJungle Rot  Synton Archive18,00
CDBroken HomeSame  Angel Air16,00
CDBrotherhood Of Eternal LoveGreen Morning Baby  Garageland16,00
CDBrowne, JacksonLooking East  Elektra10,00
CDBuckley, TimLook At The Fool  Manifesto14,00
DVDByrdsSpecial Edition EP  Classic Pictures, PAL12,00
CDCalvert, RobertTest-Tube Conceived  Voiceprint18,00
CDCanOut Of Reach  Marginal Talent16,00
CDCaptain BeefheartA Carrot Is As Close..  Virgin10,00
CDCarnevale, TonyLive - Rock Symphonic Concert  Artonica 9617,00
CDCastello, GianTaliesin  Black Widow17,00
CDCavén, Tähtinen, Rinne, LaaksoSyviä Uria  Bad Moon company18,00
CDCircleMeronia  Ektro14,00
CDClimax Blues BandRich Man  Repertoire10,00
CDCOBMoyshe McStiff And The Tartan Lancers...  Sunbeam records16,00
CDCoheed And CambriaNo World For Tomorrow  Columbia, CD + DVD14,00
CDCold BloodVintage Blood - Live 1973  Dig Music19,00
CDColor HumanoSame  Sony10,00
CDCondition RedSame  Lion Music10,00
CDCooper, AliceOld School 1964-1974 box  Universal, 4-CD+DVD+LP+7"+book299,00
CDCourtSame  WMMS12,00
CDCrystal Image IIRock And Roll  Red Lounge records12,00
CDCrystal PhoenixTwa Jorg-J-Draak Saga  Black Widow records17,00
CDCrystalaugurTerranaur  Dodo Records14,00
CDCureSame  7" book + 3" CDs, SCONC 00430,00
CD(Dark Sun) VariousCopenhagen Space Rock Festival 2002  Burnt Hippie rec., Dark Sun, Darxtar etc.10,00
CD(Dark Sun) VariousPsytrax 2  CD-R, incl. 1 track by Dark Sun8,00
CD(Dark Sun) VariousYou've Been Duplicated  Aktivator15,00
CDDavis Redford TrialEwige Blumenkraft  Holy Mountain15,00
CDDecember PeopleRattle & Humbug  Magna Carta12,00
CDDeep PurpleFireball - deluxe edition  Rhino20,00
DVDDeep PurpleHeavy Metal Pioneers  Warner, NTSC20,00
CDDef LeppardSlang  Mercury, 2-CD20,00
CDDemonSpaced Out Monkey  Record Heaven15,00
CDDeviantsDr. Crow  Track Record17,00
CDDeviantsFragments of Broken ...  Captain Trip19,00
CDDeviantsHuman Garbage  Captain Trip19,00
CDDiamond HeadLive In the Heat Of The Night  Zoom Club records, 2-CD10,00
CDDigital RuinDwelling In The Out  Insideout17,00
CDDioAnthology Vol. 2  Universal14,00
CDDiscordiaSeason Changes  3rd Atelier17,00
CDDiscordiaUtopia Perfection  Finnish progressive rock17,00
CDDoc Thomas GroupSame  Akarma17,00
CDDownliners SectSect Appeal  Indigo17,00
CDDr K's Blues BandSame  Akarma17,00
CDDragontears2000 Micrograms From Home  Bad Afro records17,00
CDDreamiesSame  Gear Fab17,00
CDDystopiaThe Second Dawn  Origo Sound12,00
CDEdguySpace Police - Defenders Of The Crown  Nuclear Blast, 2-CD ltd earbook edition32,00
CDEF BandTheir Finest Hours  Sweden rock, 2-CD17,00
CDElectric Crayon SetOne Man's Trash  Soundhawk12,00
CDElectric PrunesStockholm '67  Won-Sin18,00
CDEpidaurusEndangered  Penner records17,00
CDEric's TripPurple Blue  Sub Pop14,00
CDEulenspygelStaub Auf Deinem Haar  Garden Of Delights17,00
CDEvergreyA Night To Remember  Insideout, 2-CD14,00
CDFantasyy FactoryyOde To Life  Ohrwaschl17,00
CDFaria, GlennSame  WIS18,00
CDFarren, MickMona  Captain Trip19,00
CDFaustKleine Welt (live)  Ektro15,00
CDFinardi, EugenioNon Gettate Alcun Oggetto Dai Finestrini  Philips12,00
CDFive FifteenPsychedelic Chorus Rock For The Whole Family  Blastic Heaven15,00
DVD(Five Fifteen) VariousCrescendo - Festival De Rock Progressif  Crescendo17,00
CDFour Pennies2 Sides of../ Mixed Bag  BGO17,00
CDFrameworkSkeleton  Normal Records, 2-CD22,00
CDFreak OutLife  Garden Of Delights17,00
CDFreak ScenePsychedelic Psoul  Head17,00
CDFreeInside Free 1968-1972  Classic Rock14,00
CDGentle J. & Makoto, KawabataThe Wrong Cage  Sillyboy15,00
CDGillan, Ian and The JavelinsRaving With...  Ear music, digipack7,00
CDGillan, Ian BandCherkazoo And Other..  Eagle14,00
CDGirlLive At The Marquee  Receiver17,00
CDGloryThe Lost Songs  Akarma, M-CD15,00
CDGlover, RogerSnapshot  Eagle Records14,00
CDGrateful DeadIt Sure Has Been a Long, Strange Trip...  7" book + CD, SCONC 2830,00
CDGravy TrainStaircase To the DayJapan Strangedays records, miniature LP sleeve35,00
CDGreatest Show On EarthHorizons  Repertoire10,00
CDGroovectorDarklubing At Tavastia  Mellow records17,00
CDGurnemanzNo Rays Of Noise  Garden Of Delights17,00
CDGustafson, JohnGoose Grease  Angel18,00
CDHanumanSame  OW17,00
CDHardin, EddieWind In The Willows  Purple Records16,00
CD(Hartley, Keef Band) Anderson, MillerBright City  Esoteric recordings, digipack19,00
CDHeadsUnder The Stress Of a Headlong Dive   17,00
CDHobbitTwo Feet Tall  Midwest Records17,00
CDHoly Modal RoundersBird Song - Live 1971  Water12,00
CDHot VulturesVulturama  Weekend Beatnik15,00
CDHoven DrovenGrov  Xource12,00
CDHoven DrovenHia Hia  Xource12,00
CDHughes, GlennSoulfully Live In The City Of Angels  Frontiers records, 2-CD17,00
CDHurst, MikeHome/In My Time  Angel Air, feat. Jon Lord17,00
CDHybrid ChildrenFight As One  Bad Habits, digipack5,00
CDHybrid ChildrenGhost Town Carnival  Bad Habits5,00
CDIfEurope '72  Repertoire14,00
CDIgginbottomIgginbottom's Wrench  Angel Air17,00
CDIhre KinderSame  Kuckuck14,00
CDImpellitteriThe Complete Beast 1987-2009 box  Global Rock records, 6-CD box55,00
CDImproved Sound LimitedThe Final Foreword  Long Hair17,00
CDIndescribably DeliciousGood Enough To Eat  Akarma15,00
CDInfraInfrangible Time EP  Mellot.10,00
DVDIron MaidenVisions Of The Beast  PAL, 2-DVD25,00
CD(Iron Maiden) Di'Annos, Paul KillersScreaming Blue Murder  NMC9,00
CD(Iron Maiden) KillersNew, Live & Rare  Deadline, 2-CD17,00
CDItäväyläSame  Keys Of Life15,00
CDJack CrackerPlatinum Paranoia  Sweden Rock records17,00
CDJarraTest Of Faith  Lion Music10,00
CDJethro TullAqualung  Chrysalis10,00
CDJethro TullBursting Out - Live box  Chrysalis, 3-CD+3-DVD72,00
CDJethro TullThick As a Brick box  Parlophone, CD+DVD50,00
CD(Jethro Tull) VariousSongs For Jethro Tull - Tribute  Popol Del Blues12,00
CDJoint EffortFinal Effort  Radioactive records15,00
CDJones, WizzThe Legendary Me  Sunbeam records17,00
CDJukon SpeakersEljest  Garageland records16,00
CDK2Black Garden  Magna Carta12,00
CDKerberosBarbeque At Alderaan  Mellotronen, M-CD9,00
CDKilpiToinen Taso  MTG, w/bonus DVD19,00
CDKing's XIn The New Age - The Atlantic Recordings  HNE recordings, 6-CD box55,00
CDKingston Mines Blues GangSame  Blues Cruise7,00
CDKong LavringSame  Pan records17,00
CDKuusumun ProfeettaLyhtykuja  Ektro14,00
CDLandmarqThe Vision Pit  Cyclops15,00
CDLark EchoSame  Brims.12,00
CDLed ZeppelinHouses Of The Holy - remastered  Atlantic, cardsleeve17,00
CDLed ZeppelinI  Atlantic, cardsleeve17,00
CDLed ZeppelinIn Through The Out Door - remastered  Swan Song, cardsleeve17,00
CDLed ZeppelinPresence - remastered  Swan Song, cardsleeve17,00
CDLed ZeppelinThe Song Remains The Same  Swan Song, papersleeve, 2-CD27,00
CDLeopold, PerryExperiment In Metaphysics  Gear Fab18,00
CDLibido Space DimensionSame  Gyokumon17,00
CDLifeCocoon  Angel Air12,00
CDLife BeyondThousand Vision Mist  Sweden Rock records17,00
CDLillian AxeLove + War  Rock Candy16,00
CDLillian AxeThe Box: Volume 1 - Resurrection box  Global Rock records, 7-CD57,00
CDLindh, PärLive In IcelandJapan Crimsonic35,00
CDLionDangerous Attraction  Rock Candy20,00
CDLitmusAurora  Rise Above18,00
CDLiving LoudSame (Daisley, Kerslake, S.Morse, J.Barnes)  Thames/Thompson17,00
CDLoch NessDrumnadrochit  Musea17,00
CDLos NatasToba-Trance II  Ektro14,00
CDLotusComplete Fruitage  Record Heaven15,00
CDLoudest WhisperThe Children Of Lir  Sunbeam records17,00
CDMajor ArcanaSame  Radioactive records15,00
CDMarcusFrom The House Of Trax  WIS, 2-CD, multimedia CD24,00
CDMarkku Lahtelan SirkusVol. 1  Kevyt Nostalgia10,00
CDMattsonAnother Dimension  Lion15,00
CDMedicine HeadNew Bottles Old Medicine  Cherry red records15,00
CDMeridian Arts EnsemblePrime Meridian  Channel12,00
CDMeshuggahKoloss  Nuclear Blast, CD+DVD17,00
CDMilleniumSame  Lynx Music19,00
CDMillo, MarioEpic III  Musea17,00
CDMind's Eye...Waiting For The Tide  Round Records15,00
CDMiscellanePainted Palm  Bee & Bee Records17,00
CDMist SeasonSame  Seacrest19,00
CDMist SeasonWoodlands  Seacrest14,00
CDMoeTarEntropy Of The Century  Magna Carta12,00
CDMonolithSame  Battle Cry records18,00
CDMorning AfterYou Can't Hurt SteelJapan Victor30,00
CDMother GongWild Child  Spalax15,00
CDMotorheadAce Of Spades  Universal, 2-CD, deluxe edition19,00
CD(Mott) Majors, RayFirst Poison  Angel Air17,00
CDMott The HoopleAll The Way From Stockholm To PhiladelphiaJapan Nippon Crown, 2-CD39,00
CDMott The HoopleFriends And Relatives  Eagle, 2-CD12,00
CDMott The HoopleWorld Cruise  Eastworld Recordings14,00
CDMouzon, AlphonseMind Transplant  Capitol12,00
CD(Nazareth) Charlton, MannyStonkin'  Record Heaven15,00
CDNektarRecycled box  Esoteric recordings, 5-CD50,00
CDNew Groove ProjectFool's Journey  NGM16,00
CDNew HobbitsBack From Middle Earth  Radioactive15,00
CDNirvanaNirvana Box  Geffen, 2-CD + T-shirt + postcard69,00
CDOlavi Wellamoinen & AuringonkukkaorkesteriLäpi Portin  Wellamoinen10,00
CDOn TrialForever  Bad Afro records17,00
CDOrient SqueezersNagas  Record Heaven15,00
CDOrient SqueezersSadhu  Record Heaven15,00
CDOsbourne, OzzyPrince Of Darkness boxJapan Epic, 4-CD box89,00
DVDOsbourne, OzzyDon't Blame Me  Sony, NTSC22,00
CDOsmiumRise Up  Demi Monde17,00
CDOverheadAnd We're Not Here After All  Musea15,00
CDOyster And The Flying FishOdd-Looking Moon  Austin Record20,00
DVDPallasThe Blinding Darkness  Insideout24,00
CDPastori Pohjalainen Ja DefiersSame  Rocket records16,00
CDPharaoh OverlordThis Is Pharaoh Overlord 5  Ektro records14,00
CDPhysical RocketRising Is My Trend  Trapdoor Records17,00
CDPickford-Hopkins, GaryGPH  Angel Air17,00
CDPilgrim SpeakeasyFreak Deed  Moose Hoose10,00
CDPilgrim SpeakeasyLo-Fi Love at The Park Cafe  Moose Hoose10,00
CDPink FloydLondon '66-'67  See For Miles, M-CD, digipack14,00
CD(Pink Floyd) Barrett, SydA Fish Out Of Water  Sonic Book, book + 3" CD, SB230,00
DVD(Pink Floyd) Gilmour, DavidIn Concert  Capitol, PAL25,00
CD(Pink Floyd) Waters, RogerFlickering Flame  Sony17,00
CDPiscesSame  Progressive Line17,00
CDPrime MoverPut In Perspective  PM10,00
CDPuujumalatPirun Hyvä Päivä  Imbecile Entertainment10,00
CDQueenGreatest Hits 1, 2, 3  Parlophone, 3-CD45,00
CDQuest For BloodSame  Ektro records15,00
CDRainbowLive In Munich 1977  Eagle records, 2-CD17,00
DVDRainbowInside Rainbow 1975-1979  Classic Rock, PAL17,00
CDRainbow FfollySallies Fforta  SFM10,00
CDRare AmberSame   17,00
CDRintanen, MikkoFaustburger  MR10,00
CDRise And ShineFlowerpowermetal  Black Widow17,00
CDRise And ShineRoadflower  Black Widow17,00
CDRobertson, DonDawn  Akarma16,00
CDRockin' RamrodsThe Best Of The...  Akarma16,00
CDRoland, PaulStrychnine...And Other Potent Poisons  Black Widow records17,00
CDRolling StonesHot Rocks 1964-1971Japan ABKCO, 2-CD, miniature LP sleeve39,00
CDRolling StonesMore Hot RocksJapan ABKCO, 2-CD, miniature LP sleeve39,00
DVDRoxy MusicSpecial Edition EP  DTS, PAL12,00
DVDRushChronicles  Mercury, PAL20,00
CDRustCome With Me  Akarma16,00
CDRättö, MikaPolkupyörällä Vuokkopenkereelle  Ektro14,00
CDSabuHeartbreak  Rock Candy16,00
CDSantoniNoi I Santoni  Akarma17,00
CDSauterellesView To Heaven  Progressive Line17,00
CD(Schenker, Michael) MSGDreams And Expressions  SPV14,00
CD(Sensational Alex Harvey Band) Harvey, AlexAnd His Soul Band  Bear Family17,00
CD(Sensational Alex Harvey Band) Harvey, AlexTeenage A Go Go  Alchemy12,00
CDShagratPink Jackets Required  Get Back, Twink & S. Took14,00
CDSilverheadShow Me EverythingJapan Captain Trip Records25,00
CDSkydogJust Want To Make You Happy  Red Lounge records19,00
CDSlow TrainSong Of The Day  Sweden Rock Records17,00
CDSomething's At The SkyFrom The Rain   17,00
CDSophistreeSeed  Ipsoacto15,00
CDSpearfishAffected By Time  Sweden Rock Records15,00
CDSpearfishBack, For The Future  Sweden Rock Records, 2-CD15,00
CDST 37The Insect Hospital  Black Widow17,00
CDStarlessSong Of Silence/Wish  Musea17,00
CDStarr, Jack Burning StarrMetal Generation 1985-2017 box  Global Rock records, 7-CD55,00
CDStormwarriorNorthern Rage  Remedy records17,00
CDStramonioMother Invention  Frontiers Records17,00
CDStratovariusElements Pt. 2Japan Metal Export Music29,00
CDSurvivalLa Onda   19,00
CDSuspendersThanks To No One  SUSCD-3, w/free sticker, Finnish punk12,00
CDSwampwaterReunion  Akarma16,00
CDSweetBreakdown  Receiver Records10,00
CDSweetChronology  Delicious records19,00
CDSweetElectric Landlady  Receiver Records10,00
CD(Sweet) Connolly, Brian68 Was 68  Malibu Records15,00
CDSweet PantsFat Peter Presents  Radioactive records15,00
CDT. RexThe Beginning Of Doves  Receiver16,00
CDT. RexZinc Alloy And The Hidden Riders Of Tomorrow...  Edsel15,00
CDTen JinnAlone  Sweden rock14,00
CDTheatre Du Chene NoirAurora  Mellow Records17,00
CDThighpaulsandraChamber Music  Lumberton Trading co.17,00
CD(Thin Lizzy) Dizzy LizzyI Am Just a Cowboy  Ozit Records, tribute12,00
CD(Thin Lizzy) Lynott, Phil Grand SlamLive 1984  Zoom Club records, 2-CD30,00
CD(Thin Lizzy) Lynott, Phil Grand SlamWhisky In The Jar - live  Zoom Club, CD-single, autographed17,00
CD(Thin Lizzy) Phil Lynott's Grand SlamWhiter Shade Of Pale + 1  Zoom Club, ltd CD-single box19,00
CDThree Souls In My MindEs Lo Mejor  Denver19,00
CDTiger ArmyIII: Ghost Tigers Rise  Hellcat records, digipack12,00
CDTiger ArmyMusic From Regions Beyond  Hellcat records, digipack17,00
CDTirillA Dance With The Shadows  Wild Places17,00
CDTorme, BernieLightning Strikes 1982-1983 box  HNE recordings, 4-CD box42,00
CDTraffic SoundYellow Sea Years - Peruvian Psych-rock-Soul  Vampi Soul17,00
CDTristanAvantgarderoobi   8,00
CDTristanGoing For The Truffles   11,00
CDTristanKammarfunk   10,00
CD(Tristan) TristanuevoWhat Doesn't Kill You Makes You Weaker   10,00
CDTristan + NanaTo Whatever End   10,00
CDTrizo 50Same  World In Sound19,00
CDTrustiesGrowing Smaller   15,00
CDTurning LeafFinally  Sweden Rock records15,00
CDTwinballRemnants Of a Broken Soul  Sweden Rock Records16,00
CDTwinkThe Broken Record  Seeland, digipack16,00
CDTwinn ConnexionSame  HMP, psychedelic pop19,00
CDTygers Of Pan TangLive In The Roar  Angel Air15,00
DVDTygers Of Pan TangVisions From The Cathouse  Angel Air16,00
CDUnderground AttackSleazy Dream  Frank recordings10,00
CDUrban TurbanCodes Of Love  Dos Records15,00
CD(Uriah Heep) Byron, DavidTake No Prisoners  Lemon recordings17,00
CDWaiting For The SunSame  Kissing Spell19,00
CDVariousHot Hits ! The Top 45  RPM, 2-CD18,50
CDVariousJamnation  Restidigitation, digipack14,00
CDVariousMetal On Metal  Finnish underground metal compilation10,00
CDVariousPopmestarit  Rocket records16,00
CDVariousThe Bad Vibrations Of...  Akarma16,00
CD(Various) Hawkwind, Gong, Faust etc.Open Air Burg Herzburg  Think Progressive12,00
CDWaterfallSame  Black Rills records17,00
CDWaterfallThe Flight Of The Day  English Garden17,00
CDWaystedWon't Get Out Alive Volume 1 box  Cherry Red, 4-CD42,00
CDWeather ReportSame (1982)  Music On CD8,00
CDVelvet DesperadosNorthern Lights  Cowabunga records, M-CD8,00
CDVelvet UndergroundLive At Max's Kansas City  Atlantic10,00
CDWhite LightSame/Velvet Sandpaper  Progressive line17,00
CDVibravoidDelirio Dei Sensi  Stoned Karma records12,00
CDVibravoidThe Politics Of Ecstasy  Stoned Karma records, CD+DVD, ltd 1000 copies22,00
CDViimaKahden Kuun Sirpit  Viima records12,00
CDVincent, GeneE.P. Collection  See For Miles12,00
CDWinter, EdgarHarlem Nocturne  MagMid10,00
CDVirgin Steele1  T & T15,00
CDWishing WellChasing Rainbows  Inverse records, feat. Graham Bonnet10,00
CDWishing WellDo Or Die  Inverse records10,00
CDWishing WellRat Race  Inverse records10,00
CDWishing WellSin And Shame  Inverse records10,00
CDVolbeatRock The Rebel/ Metal The Devil  Mascot records12,00
CDWood, RoyStarting Up  Castle12,00
CDVulcan's HammerTrue Hearts And Sound Bottoms  Radioactive records15,00
CDWyxmerFeudal Throne  Black Widow17,00
CDYesFriends And Relatives  Eagle, 2-CD12,00
CDYoulden, ChrisSecond Sight  Line10,00
CDYoung, NeilAmerican Stars 'n Bars  Reprise, papersleeve15,00
CDYoung, NeilHawks & Doves  Reprise, papersleeve15,00
CDYoung, NeilRe-Ac-Tor  Reprise, papersleeve15,00
CDZanisterSymphonica Millennia  Shark14,00
CDZyclopeUno  Musea17,00

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