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Jethro Tull

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Jethro Tull - 7" singles

7"Jethro TullHomeUKex/vg+ps17,00
7"Jethro TullLife Is a Long SongUKvg/vgps8,00
7"Jethro TullLiving In The PastSwedenex/vgps20,00
7"Jethro TullMothsGermanyvg+/exps14,00
7"Jethro TullRing Out, Solstice Bells + 3EUm/mps, new17,00
7"Jethro TullThis Is Not LoveUKex/exps7,00

Jethro Tull - 12" singles

12"Jethro TullThis Is Not LoveUKvg+/exps9,00

Jethro Tull - LPs

LPJethro TullAUKvg+/exinn, toc14,00
LPJethro TullA Passion PlayCanadaex/exri10,00
LPJethro TullAqualungUKex/vg+inn, 2-LP, 25th anniversary edition50,00
LPJethro TullSame (compilation)Russiaex/ex 7,00

Jethro Tull - CDs

CDJethro TullA Jethro Tull Collection  Disky4,00
CDJethro TullM.U. - The Best Of Jethro Tull  Chrysalis5,00
CDJethro TullMinstrel In The Gallery  Chrysalis6,00
CDJethro TullRock Island  Chrysalis6,00
CDJethro TullSongs From The Wood  Chrysalis6,00
CDJethro TullToo Old To Rock 'n' Roll...  Chrysalis6,00


Jethro Tull related - LPs

LPAnderson, IanWalk Into LightSwedenvg+/exinn9,00

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