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CD16Bridges To Burn  Relapse records8,00
CD2 Ton PredatorDemon Dealer  Diehard music8,00
CD8 Foot SativaSeason For Assault  Black Mark7,00
CD8th SinAngelseed & Demonmilk  Black lOdge6,00
CDAbbathOutstrider box  Season Of Mist, patch, paint etc.14,00
CDAbigail WilliamsIn The Shadow Of a Thousand Suns  Candlelight, 2-CD6,00
CDAborymPsychogrotesque  Season of Mist, digipack8,00
CDAbramis BramaRubicon  Sweden Rock, digipack10,00
CDAbsenceRiders Of The Plague  Metal Blade records8,00
CDAchilles Last StandThe Dead Soil  Dead Vibrations8,00
CDAct Of DefianceBirth And The Burial  Metal Blade records7,00
CDAerosmithMusic From Another Dimension!  Columbia6,00
CDAerosmithPermanent Vacation  Geffen6,00
CDAerosmithPump  Geffen6,00
CDAesma DaevaHere Lies One Whose Name Was Written In Water  Accession records8,00
CDAgents Of ManCount Your Blessings  Century Media6,00
CDAgonistLullabies For The Dormant Mind  Century Media7,00
CDAmokNegative World  H & D8,00
CDAnaal NathrakhDesideratum  Metal Blade records8,00
CDAnathemaAlternative 4  Peaceville, digipack7,00
CDAnfallFeuer, Eis & Energie  Century Media8,00
CDAnthraxStomp 442 (expanded edition)  Anthrax Partnership8,00
CDApostle Of SolitudeSincerest Misery  Eyes Like Snow8,00
CDApril's Motel RoomBlack 14  Epic7,00
CDAriseThe Godly Work Of Art  Spinefarm records6,00
CDAs I Lay DyingShadows Are Security  Metal Blade records6,00
CDAs Likely As NotStand Up And Nerve  Execution Kollective6,00
CDAsgaardEyeMDX-tasy  Metal mind records, co7,00
CDAsgarothRed Shift  Peaceville, digipack6,00
CDAskuror/VargshelskeSplit CD   8,00
CDAsschapelFire And Destruction  Crimes Around Humanity6,00
CDAthenaA New Religion  Pick Up records8,00
CDAugust Burns RedHome  Solid State records, CD + DVD10,00
CDAugust Burns RedRescue & Restore  Solid State records6,00
CDAutopsyAll Tomorrow's Funerals  Peaceville, digibook8,00
CDAwakeningRazor Burn  Massacre records8,00
CDAvatariumThe Girl With The Raven Mask  Nuclear Blast, CD+DVD10,00
CDAvenged SevenfoldHail To The King  Warner, digipack, deluxe edition7,00
CDAvenged SevenfoldNightmare  Roadrunner records6,00
CDAwesome MachineThe Soul Of a Thousand Years  People Like You records6,00
CDAwesome MachineUnder The Influence  I Used To...records6,00
CDAvulsionThe Crimson Foliage Hit  625 Mere Existence8,00
CDBaronessRed Album  Relapse records6,00
CDBarricadeDemons  Eulogy recordings7,00
CDBathometSame  Unisound, M-CD7,00
CDBedemonChild Of Darkness  Vessel records8,00
CDBeelzebMisanthrope's Aurora  Black seed Productions8,00
CDBetraying The MartyrsThe Resilient  Sumerian records, digipack8,00
CDBeyond SurfaceDestination's End  Noise6,00
CDBig Dumb FaceDuke Lion Fights The Terror  Geffen5,00
CDBiomechanicalCannibalised  Earache6,00
CDBlaak HeatShifting Mirrors  Tee Pee records, digipack6,00
CDBlack Country CommunionAfterglow  Mascot records, CD+DVD10,00
DVDBlack Label SocietyBoozed, Broozed & Broken-Boned  Spitfire6,00
CDBlack MantaFuck Them All But Six  PsychDOOMelic records6,00
CDBlack SabbarhWe Sold Our Soul For Rock 'n' Roll  Essential, 2-CD8,00
CDBlack SabbathReunion  Epic, 2-CD10,00
CDBlack SabbathVol. 4  Sanctuary7,00
CDBlack Sheep WallNo Matter Where It Ends  Season Of Mist7,00
CDBlack SymphonySame  Rising Sun productions6,00
CDBlack Veil BridesWretched And Divine  Lava6,00
CDBlackfootOn The run  Disky6,00
CDBlakagirNostalgia & Droga Przed Egzekucja  God Is Myth records7,00
CDBlind GuardianA Twist In The Myth  Nuclear Blast, 2-CD, digipack8,00
CDBlind GuardianTokyo Tales  Virgin6,00
CDBlindspottSame  EMI, 2-CD10,00
CDBlitzspeerLive  Epic6,00
CDBlood Of KinguDe Occulta Philosophia  DMP, digipack8,00
CDBlood Red ThroneAltered Genesis  Earache7,00
CDBloodshotA Pestilence Called Humanity  Cartel8,00
CDBludgeonCrucified Live  Magic Circle Music, 2-CD8,00
CDBludgeonWorld Controlled  Magic Circle music7,00
CDBlue Öyster CultTyranny And Mutation  Columbia6,00
CDBodies In The Gerrs O The ApparatusSame  Spew records, M-CD6,00
CDBon Jovi7800 FahrenheitJapan Mercury, obi, miniature LP sleeve20,00
CDBon Jovi7800 Fahrenheit  Polygram6,00
CDBon JoviCross Road  Mercury6,00
CDBon JoviKeep The Faith  Mercury6,00
CDBorn Of SinImperfect Breed Of Humanity  Unexploded records6,00
CDBostonThird Stage  MCA6,00
CDBottomFeels So Good When You're Gone...  Rise Above records8,00
CDBPMDAmerican Made  Napal records7,00
DVDBrides Of DestructionHere Come The Brides  Silverline, DVDA8,00
CDBring Me The HorizonThat's The Spirit  RCA, digipack6,00
CDBroken BonesStitched Up  Rough Justice8,00
CDBrokk / EnhärjarnaI Frostdimmans Hemvist  Odin productions8,00
CDBrutal DeluxeDivine Head  Dream Catcher, digipack6,00
CDBrutal DeluxeMistah Kurtz...He Dead  Dream Catcher7,00
CDBrutal TruthEnd Time  Relapse records7,00
CDBrutusSame  Svart records, digipack6,00
CDBrutusWandering Blind  Svart records, digipack6,00
CDBullet For My ValentineFever  Jive records6,00
CDBullet For My ValentineScream Aim Fire  Sony6,00
CDBullet For My ValentineThe Poison  Sony6,00
CDBullet LavoltaGimme Dancer  Metal Blade records, M-CD6,00
CDBulletboysFreakshow  Warner, special pack10,00
CDBullworthDay By Day  Bizarre Leprous8,00
CDBumblefoot9.11  Hermit inc.8,00
CDBumblefootHands  Hermit8,00
CDBurden Of GriefFields Of Salvation  Remedy records7,00
CDBurning HeadsSame  Noise7,00
CDBurning SavioursHundus  I Hate records8,00
CDBurning WitchCrippled LuciferJapan Daymore, 3-CD, obi, miniature LP sleeve30,00
CDBurnt By The SunThe Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good  Relapse records7,00
CDByfrostOf Death  AFM records7,00
DVDCandlemass20 Year Anniversary Party  Peaceville8,00
CDCansBeyond The Gates  Sanctuary, digipack6,00
CDCardinal WyrmBlack Hole Gods  Svart records, digipack6,00
CDCarpe TenebrumDreaded Chaotic Reign  Hammerheart records6,00
CDCasketgardenOpen The Casket, Enter The Garden  Metal Age productions7,00
CDCasketgardenThis Corroded Soul Of Mine  Metal Age productions7,00
CDCatatoniaEqually Cursed And Blessed  Blanco Negro7,00
CDCatatonic AtrocityEradication Of Humanity  Crematorium records8,00
CDCathedralThe Serpent's GoldJapan Earache, 2-CD, sticker17,00
CDCauldronBurning Fortune  Earache8,00
CDCelebratumInstinct  Metal Age productions7,00
CDCemetaryPhantasma  Black Mark6,00
CDCenturions GhostA Sign Of Things To Come  I Hate records7,00
CDCenturions GhostBlessed & Cursed In Equal Measure  Church Within records6,00
CDCenturions GhostThe Great Work  I Hate records6,00
CDChain CollectorThe Masquerade  Massacre records6,00
CDChumDead To The World  Century Media8,00
CDChurch Of MiseryLive At roadburn 2009  Roadburn records, digipack8,00
CDCircle Of Dead ChildrenHuman Harvest  Dis-Order8,00
CDClawfingerLife Will Kill You  Nuclear Blast6,00
CDClawfingerZeros & Heroes  Supersonic6,00
CDCoal ChamberDark Days  Roadrunner records8,00
CDCobaltoElemental  Alaho discos7,00
CDCollisionSame  Columbia5,00
CDColossusBadlands  Facedown records7,00
CDColumbia Obstruction BoxA Single Rat's Record  5HT records8,00
CDConanMonnos  Peaceville, digipack10,00
CDConanMount Wrath: Live At Roadburn 2012  Roadburn records, digipack7,00
CDConcept Of GodVisions  Massacre records8,00
CDConquerorHammer Of Antichrist  Fifth Division10,00
CDConspiracy Of NoiseChicks With Dicks And Splatter Flicks  Creation records7,00
CDConventThe Truth Revealed  Awaken production8,00
CDConvergence From WithinOnly The Strong  Forever underground7,00
CDCoronerGrin  Noise, digipack8,00
CDCorporate AvengerFreedom Is a State Of Mind  Koch records6,00
CDCorrosion Of ConformityDeliverance  Columbia6,00
CDCorruptionPussyworld  Metal Mind productions7,00
CDCowardsRise To Infamy  Deadlght, digipack8,00
CDCradle Of FilthBitter Suites To Succubi  Peaceville, digipack6,00
CDCradle Of FilthCruelty And The Beast  Music For Nations6,00
CDCradle Of FilthDarkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa  Peaceville6,00
CDCradle Of FilthGodspeed On The Devil's Thunder  Roadrunner records, 2-CD10,00
CDCradle Of FilthLive Bait For The Dead  Peaceville, 2-CD8,00
CDCradle Of FilthMidian  Music For Nations6,00
CDCradle Of FilthThe Manticore And Other Horrors  Peaceville, digibook10,00
CDCrematoryBelieve  Massacre records, digipack8,00
CDCrematoryRemind  Nuclear Blast, 2-CD12,00
CDCrowbarOdd Fellows Rest/Equilibrium  recall, 2-CD6,00
CDCrown The EmpireThe Fallout  Rise records8,00
CDCurrentsThe Place I Feel Safest  Sharptone records7,00
CDDamTHe Difference Engine  Candlelight7,00
CDDamn YankeesSame  Warner6,00
CDDamned ThingsIroniclast  Mercury6,00
CDDark SunsSwanlike  voice Of Life records6,00
CDDark ThronePreparing For War  Peaceville, digipack8,00
CDDark TranquillityProjector  Century Media7,00
CDDark TranquillityWe Are The Void  Century Media8,00
CDDarkest HourGodless Prophets & The Migrant Flora  Southern Lord6,00
CDDarzamatOniriad  Wounded Love records7,00
CDDawn Of AzazelSedition  Prime Cuts music8,00
CDDeath WolfÖstergötland  Century Media7,00
CDDeathwitchViolence Blasphemy Sodomy  Earache8,00
CDDecember WolvesBlasterpiece Theatre  Wicked World8,00
CDDeepskinJudas  Dream Catcher8,00
CDDef LeppardEuphoria  Mercury6,00
CDDef LeppardHysteria  Bludgeon Riffola6,00
CDDef LeppardSlang  Mercury6,00
CDDef LeppardX  Mercury7,00
CDDefenestrationOne Inch God  Dream Catcher7,00
CDDeftonesAdrenaline  Maverick6,00
CDDemiricousTwo (Poverty)  Metal Blade records6,00
CDDemogordonChrist Is a Lie  Gruft production6,00
CDDemons Of DirtKiller Engine  Hammerheart records5,00
CDDesasterAngelwhore  Metal Blade records6,00
CDDesolatevoidSelf Medicated Psycho Therapy  Crimes Against Humanity10,00
CDDestinityThe Inside  Lifeforce records7,00
CDDesultorySwallow The Snake  Metal Blade records6,00
CDDevil Wears PradaZombie EP  Ferret music, digipack5,00
CDDevil's SlingshotClinophobia  Mascot records6,00
CDDevildriverPray For Villains  Roadrunner records8,00
CDDevildriverSame  Roadrunner records8,00
CDDevildriverThe Fury Of Our Maker's Hand  Roadrunner records8,00
CDDevildriverThe Last Kind Words  Roadrunner records8,00
CDDevilinsideVolume One  Century Media7,00
CDDevils WhorehouseBlood & Ashes  Regain records, digipack8,00
CDDiablo BlvdFollow The Deadlights  Nuclear Blast, digipack8,00
CDDimmu BorgirGodless Savage Garden  Nuclear Blast6,00
CDDioDream Evil  Vertigo6,00
CDDioHoly Diver  Vertigo6,00
CDDioLock Up The Wolves  Vertigo6,00
CDDioSacred Heart  Vertigo6,00
CDDioThe Last In Line  Vertigo6,00
CDDir En GreyThe Marrow Of a Bone  Free Will Europe7,00
CDDirty Granny TalesInversed World  bminor recs, digipack10,00
CDDiscipleSame  Epic7,00
CDDislimbBleeding Anxiety  Comatose music7,00
CDDisperseLiving Mirrors  Season Of Mist6,00
CDDisturbedAsylum  Reprise6,00
CDDisturbedAsylum  Reprise, CD+DVD12,00
CDDisturbedBelieve  Reprise6,00
CDDisturbedIndestructible  Reprise6,00
CDDisturbedTen Thousand Fists  Reprise6,00
CDDisturbedThe Lost Children  Reprise7,00
CDDisturbedThe Sickness  Reprise7,00
CDDivine HeresyBleed The Fifth  Roadrunner records8,00
CDDogpoundThe Hellbum  Lion Music8,00
CDDownDown II (A Bustle In Your Hedgerow...)  Elektra6,00
CDDragonforcceValley Of The Damned  Sanctuary8,00
CDDragonforceUltra Beatdown  Spinefarm8,00
CDDream TheaterA Change Of Seasons  Eastwest6,00
CDDream TheaterGreatest Hit (And 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs)  Rhino, 2-CD, digipack7,00
CDDream TheaterMetropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From a Memory  Elektra6,00
CDDream TheaterOctavarium  Atlantic6,00
CDDream TheaterOnce In a Live Time  Elektra, 2-CD8,00
CDDream TheaterTrain Of Thought  Elektra6,00
CDDreamscapeVery  Rising Sun6,00
CDDreamsideMirror Moon  Serenades records8,00
CDDry Kill LogicThe Darker Side Of Nonsense  Roadrunner records6,00
CDDying PassionSweet Disillusions  Metal Breath7,00
CDEchODevoid Of Illusions  Bad Moon Man Music6,00
CDEdgewiseSame  Gain Ground6,00
CDEdguyLavatory Love Machine  Nuclear Blast7,00
CDElegyForbidden Fruit  Noise, digipack8,00
CDElfmanCommon Sky  Napalm6,00
CDEliteKampen  Paragon records10,00
CDElysiaLion Of Judas  Ferret music8,00
CDElysiumDeadline  Metal mind records, co7,00
CDElysiumDreamlands  Black Mark7,00
CDEm SinfoniaIntimate Portrait  Hammerheart records, digipack6,00
CDEmbalmer13 Faces Of Death  Pathos6,00
CDEmpyriaBehind Closed Doors  T & T8,00
CDEnchantmentDance The Marble Naked  Peaceville5,00
CDEnd Of GreenInfinity  Nuclear Blast7,00
CDEnter ChaosDreamworker  Metal Mind6,00
CDEntombedClandestine  Earache8,00
CDEurope1982-2000  Epic6,00
CDEvergreyA Night To Remember  Insideout, 2-CD, promo10,00
DVDEvergreyA Night To Remember - Live 2004  Insideout, 2-DVD14,00
CDEvergreySolitude - Dominance - Tragedy  Hall Of Sermon8,00
CDEvery Time I DieEx Lives - deluxe  Epitaph8,00
CDEvery Time I DieFrom Parts Unknown  Epitaph8,00
CDExhalePrototype  Emetic records8,00
CDExpulsionOverflow  Godhead8,00
CDExtolBlueprint  Century Media7,00
CDExtremePornograffitti  A & M6,00
CDFace Of AngerFaceless  Noise records8,00
CDFaithBlessed?  Transubstans records7,00
CDFaith No MoreAlbum Of The Year  London6,00
CDFaith No MoreIntroduce Yourself  London6,00
CDFaith No MoreWho Cares a Lot - The Greatest Hits  Slash records, 2-CD10,00
CDFall From GraceSame  Music For Nations8,00
CDFall Of The BastardsDusk Of An Ancient Age  Intolerant messiah records8,00
CDFaustrechtDemoNiak  Faustfucking prod8,00
CDFear FactoryRemanufacture (Cloning Technology)  Roadrunner records6,00
CDFilii Nigrantium InfernaliumFellatrix Discordia Pantokrator  Procon media, digipack6,00
CDFinal DemisePower Of Suggestion  Steelbreaker records6,00
CDFirewindFew Against Many  Century Media, digipack8,00
CDFistulaFor a Better Tomorrow EP  Corley music6,00
CDFistulaIdiopathic  Shifty8,00
CDFistulaLonging For Infection  digipack8,00
CDFlegethonBehind a Side Of Times  Marche Funebre7,00
CDFloodgatePenalty  Roadrunner records7,00
CDFogThrough The Eyes Of Night...Winged They Come  Dark Horizon8,00
CDForlornHybernation  Napalm records6,00
CDFragments Of UnbecomingSterling Black Icon  Metal Blade records7,00
CDFunerotInvasion From The Death Dimension  Razorback records8,00
CDFusion Of SoulsThe Dark Gates Of Heaven   7,00
CDGallhammerIII Innocence  Peaceville, digipack7,00
CDGatheringNighttime Birds  Century Media6,00
CDGenitorturersSin City  SPV6,00
CDGermGrief  Eisenwald, digipack8,00
CDGirlschoolRace With The Devil - Live  Disky8,00
CDGirugameshMusic  Danger Crue10,00
CDGlittertindDjevelsvart  Indie recordings8,00
CDGlosterkellerReghina  Metal mind records, co8,00
CDGlyderYesterday, Today And Tomorrow  Steamhammer6,00
CDGoatessII: Purgatory Under New Management  Svart records, digipack7,00
CDGoatwhoreA Haunting Curse  Metal Blade records6,00
CDGod Among InsectsWorld Wide Death  Threeman recordings8,00
CDGod ForbidDetermination  Century Media6,00
CDGod ForbidIV: Constitution Of treason  Century Media6,00
CDGodsmackAwake  Universal records6,00
CDGoretradeMistaken Conception  Brutalized records7,00
CDGorgorothUnder The Sign Of Hell  Soulseller records10,00
CDGotthardHuman Zoo  Ariola6,00
CDGracious FewSame  V210,00
CDGrateful DeadSkeletons From The Closet  Warner6,00
CDGraveYou'll Never See  Century Media8,00
CDGravewormEngraved In Black  Nuclear Blast6,00
CDGraveyardHisinger Blues  Nuclear Blast, digipack8,00
CDGravity KillsSuperstarved  Sanctuary7,00
CDGriffin, Victor In-GravedSame  Svart records, digipack6,00
CDGround MoverSame  Copro records8,00
CDGuns n' RosesAppetite For Destruction  Geffen6,00
CDGuns n' RosesChinese Democracy  Geffen6,00
CDGuns n' RosesLies  Geffen6,00
DVDGuns n' RosesLive Tokyo '92  FNM, 2-DVD8,00
CD(Guns n' Roses) McKagan, Duff LoadedSick  Century Media, CD+DVD, poster8,00
CD(Guns n' Roses) SlashApocalyptic Love  Roadrunner records6,00
CD(Guns n' Roses) SlashSame  Roadrunner records6,00
CD(Guns n' Roses) Stradlin, IzzyRiver  Sanctuary6,00
CDHail Of Bullets...Of Frost And War  Metal Blade records, digipack8,00
CDHail Of BulletsOn Divine Winds  Metal Blade records8,00
CDHalestormThe Strange Case Of...  Atlantic, digipack7,00
CDHammerfallThreshold  Nuclear Blast, CD+ mini DVD, 7" sleeve14,00
CDHarmonyChapter II : Aftermath  Ulterium records10,00
CDHaste The DayPressure The Hinges  Century Media6,00
CDHatebreedSupremacy  Roadrunner records8,00
CDHatebreedThe Divinity Of Purpose  Nuclear Blast, digipack8,00
CDHauntedExit Wounds  Century Media8,00
CDHauntedOne Kill Wonder  Earache8,00
CDHauntedThe Dead Eye  Century Media8,00
CDHauntedUnseen  Century Media, digipack8,00
CDHauntedVersus  Century Media, ltd edition box, sticker, poster..12,00
CDHawg JawDon't Trust Nobody  Emetic records8,00
CDHe Is LegendSuck Out The Poison  Century Media6,00
CDHeadrushSame  Frontiers records8,00
CDHearseArmageddon Mon Amour  Karmageddon media8,00
CDHeart Of a CowardDeliverance  Century Media7,00
CDHeart Of a CowardSeverance  Century Media, CD+DVD10,00
CDHeartcryLightmaker  Rivel records, woc8,00
CDHeavenlySign Of The Winner  Sanctuary6,00
CDHedfirstScaismatic  Metal Mind records, co6,00
CDHellyeahSame  Epic6,00
CDHelmetDead To The World  Ear music, digipack8,00
CDHeresiPsalm II - Infusco Ignis  THR7,00
CDHibriaSilent Revenge  AFM records7,00
CDHierophantSame  Demons Run Amok8,00
CDHoly GrailRide The Void  Nuclear Blast8,00
CDHomo IratusApocalypse  Self Financed recordings6,00
CDHomo IratusHuman Consumes Human  Pavement music6,00
CDHomo IratusKnowledge...Their Enemy  Arctic Music, M-CD5,00
CDHope DroneCloak Of Ash  Relapse records8,00
CDHorsebackHalf Blood  Relapse records, digipack10,00
CDHouse Of SpiritsPsychosphere  Century Media6,00
CDHowlBloodlines  Relapse records6,00
CDHybernoidThe Last Day Begins?  Displeased records7,00
CDHybrid VisceryGrindcore Contamination  Coyote records6,00
CDHydrogynStrip 'em Blind Live  Destroy All records7,00
CDHypnösThe Collection 1999-2003  Metal Age productions8,00
CDIced EarthSomething Wicked This Way Comes  Century Media, miniature LP sleeve10,00
CDIcycoreWetwired  Limb music6,00
CDImagikaWorship  HCR, co8,00
CDImmortalDamned In Black  Osmose productions8,00
CDImpureIn Disrespect To Mankind  CDN6,00
CDIn ExtremoVerehrt Und Angespien  Mercury6,00
CDIn FlamesCome Clarity  Fighter Street records7,00
CDIn SlumberStillborn Rebirth  CCP-records8,00
CDIncesticideAschaffenburg Sicknes  Rising Nemesis records6,00
CDInciteOppression  Minus Head records, digipack8,00
CDInhumanSame  Rawk records6,00
CDInhumateLife  Grind Your Soul8,00
CDInternecineThe Book Of Lambs  Hammerheart records6,00
CDInto The GorePain Must Be Amplified  Metal Age productions8,00
CDIron HearseSame  Psychedoomelic8,00
CDIronwareBreak Out  Limb music6,00
CDIvory TowerBeyond The Stars  Limb music7,00
CDJumbo's KillcraneThe Slow Decay  Crucial Blast7,00
CDKamelotPoetry For The Poisoned  Ear music, digibook, CD+DVD10,00
CDKareliaRaise  Drakkar7,00
CDKarmic JeraZombies Blood & Go-Go Girls  Dream Catcher8,00
CDKashmir 9:41Cheated   8,00
CDKatatoniaThe Great Cold Distance  Peaceville, ltd edition box12,00
CDKeefStoned To Doom  Psyche Doomelic6,00
CDKeen Of The CrowHyborea  Grau8,00
CDKiing DiamondThe Spider's Lullabye  Massacre records8,00
CDKijuNothing To Play For  Metal Age productions8,00
CDKillswitch EngageAs Daylight Dies  Roadrunner records6,00
CDKillswitch EngageDisarm The Descent  Roadrunner records6,00
CDKillswitch EngageSame  Roadrunner records, CD+DVD8,00
CDKillswitch EngageThe End Of Heartache  Roadrunner records, 2-CD8,00
CDKing Of DarknessTriple Whammy  Highways records6,00
CDKing's EvilDeletion Of Humanoise  Spinefarm6,00
CDKittieSafe  Artemis records6,00
CDKornUntouchables  Epic5,00
CDKreatorEnemy Of God  Steamhammer, CD+DVD10,00
CDLabyrinthSame  Century Media7,00
CDLabyrinthTimeless Crime EP  Metal Blade records, M-CD5,00
CDLacuna CoilComalies  Century Media6,00
CDLacuna CoilIn a Reverie  Century Media8,00
CDLacuna CoilKarmacode  Century Media8,00
CDLacuna CoilShallow Life  Century Media8,00
CDLacuna CoilThe EPs  Century Media8,00
CDLacuna CoilUnleashed Memories  Century Media8,00
CDLamb Of GodWrath  Roadrunner records, digipack8,00
CDLandmine MarathonSovereign Descent  Prosthetic records10,00
CDLanfearAnother Golden Rage  Massacre records8,00
CDLavatoryTo Protect And To Serve  Massacre records10,00
CDLeaves' EyesLegend Land  Napalm records7,00
CDLed ZeppelinEarly Days - The Best Of  Atlantic6,00
CDLed ZeppelinHouses Of The HolyJapan Atlantic, miniature LP sleeve, obi20,00
CDLed ZeppelinHow The West Was Won  Atlantic, 3-CD10,00
CDLed ZeppelinII - remastered  Atlantic6,00
CDLed ZeppelinIII - remastered  Atlantic, digipack7,00
CDLed ZeppelinIV - remastered  Atlantic6,00
DVDLed ZeppelinThe Song Remains The Same  Warner5,00
CDLegacy Of HateThe Killing  HBN music6,00
CDLessman/ZillerGlaub Dran  LZ records7,00
CDLeukorrheaHatefucked And Tortured  Forever Underground8,00
CDLevi/WerstlerAvalanche Of Worms  Magna Carta records6,00
CDLiarDeathrow Earth  Good Life recordings6,00
CDLife Of AgonyBroken Valley  Epic, CD+DVD7,00
CDLife Of AgonyPlace Where There's No More Pain  Napalm records8,00
CDLife Of AgonyUnplugged At The Lowlands Festival '97  Roadrunner records7,00
CDLife Once LostIron Gag  Ferret10,00
CDLiquid HipsRageaholic  Enemy8,00
CDListeriaFull Of Fire  Lion Music7,00
CDLiving ColourCollideoscope  Mayan records6,00
CDLiving ColourTime's Up  Music On CD6,00
CDLiving SacrificeConceived In Fire  Solid State records6,00
CDLoatheThe Cold Sun  Sharptone records6,00
CDLobotomiEight Maps To Nowhere  Lobmi8,00
CDLooking For An AnswerExtincion  Power8,00
CDLord Of The GraveGreen Vapour  Church Within records8,00
CDLord Of The GraveRaunacht  Church Within records7,00
CDLordz Of BrooklynAll In The Family  American6,00
CDLos LosViva Los Los  Drakkar7,00
CDLosaThe Perfect Moment  Metal Blade records6,00
CDLowbrowVictims At Play  Plague8,00
CDLove Unlimited OrchestraRhapsody In White  Mercury7,00
CDMachine HeadBurn My Eyes  Roadrunner records6,00
CDMachine HeadSupercharger  Roadrunner records7,00
CDMachine HeadThe Burning Red  Roadrunner records7,00
CDMachine HeadThe More Things Change...  Roadrunner records6,00
CDMachine HeadThrough The Ashes of Empires  Roadrunner records, 2-CD10,00
CDMadina LakeAttics To Eden  Roadrunner records5,00
CDMadina LakeFrom Them, Through Us, To You  Roadrunner records5,00
CDMagnificatOpus Nigrum: Overture...  Wotan records, digipack7,00
CDMalefactorDeath Falls Silent  Metal Age productions8,00
CDMalignant TumourBurninhell  Insane Society records, digipack7,00
CDMalmsteen, YngwieThe Best Of 1990-1999  Dream Catcher6,00
CDMalmsteen, YngwieThe Seventh Sign  Steamhammer8,00
CDManatarkChaos Engine  Metal Age productions6,00
CDManatarkCrimson Hours  Metal Age productions6,00
CDManowarSign Of The Hammer  10 records7,00
CDManowarThe Hell Of Steel - Best Of  Atlantic6,00
DVD(Manowar) VariousMagic Circle Festival Volume 1  Universal, 2-DVD10,00
CDManticora8 Deadly Sins  Massacre records6,00
CDMarilyn MansonBorn Villain  Cooking Vinyl, digipack6,00
CDMarilyn MansonEat Me, Drink Me  Interscope records6,00
CDMarilyn MansonHolywood  Nothing/Interscope6,00
CDMaroonThe Cold Heart Of The Sun  Century Media8,00
CDMaryslimSame  White Jazz records7,00
CDMasterplanMK II  AFM records, digibook7,00
CDMastic ScumMind  Cudgel6,00
CDMastodonCrack The Skye  Reprise, CD+DVD8,00
CDMeatlockerTriangle Of Pain  PRL, M-CD6,00
CDMeduzaUpon The World  Massacre records6,00
CDMegadethCryptic Writings - remastered  Capitol6,00
CDMegadethGreatest Hits - Back To The Start  Capitol, CD+DVD8,00
CDMegadethPeace Sells...But Who's Buying? - remastered  Capitol6,00
CDMegadethRisk  Capitol, 2-CD8,00
CDMercury TideWhy?  Century Media7,00
CDMeshuggahAlive  Nuclear Blast, 2-CD12,00
CDMess AgeSelf-Convicted  Conquer records7,00
CDMetal Majesty2005  Lion Music7,00
CDMetallicaDeath Magnetic  Vertigo7,00
CDMetallicaLoad  Vertigo6,00
CDMetallicaRide The LightningJapan Vertigo, obi, miniature LP sleeve20,00
CDMetallicaSt. Anger  Vertigo, CD+DVD, digipack12,00
CDMetallicaThrough The Never  Vertigo, 2-CD8,00
CDMi AmoreThe Lamb  Cyclop8,00
CDMidnight SunMetalmachineJapan Avalon12,00
CDMighty NimbusSame  Playground6,00
CDMob RulesEthnolution A.D.  Steamhammer7,00
CDMoi Dix MoisDixanadu  Trisol, 2-CD10,00
CDMoi Dix MoisDixinfernal  Miya records6,00
CDMokshaSupersilver Haze  Underhill records8,00
CDMonumentsThe Amanuensis  Century Media8,00
CDMoonlight AgonyEchoes Of A Nightmare  Massacre records6,00
CDMoonspellWolfheart  Century Media7,00
CDMoore, GaryStill Got The Blues  Virgin6,00
CDMorbus ChronSweven  Century Media8,00
CDMorgainAbandoned In The Forest Of Weariness  Metal Age productions7,00
CDMorgana LefayPast Present Future  Black Mark7,00
CDMorning AfterBeneath The Real  Black Lotus records6,00
CDMortGodless Dominion  Pestilence records7,00
CDMortificationTwenty Years In The Underground  Nuclear Blast, 2-CD10,00
CDMotograterDesolation  EMP, digipack7,00
CDMotörheadBite The Bullet  Recall, 2-CD7,00
CDMotörheadLive & Loud  Emporio4,00
CDMotörheadNo Sleep 'til Hammersmith  Castle7,00
CDMozkovitchSame  BLP music, digipack8,00
CDMurder CorporationTagged & Bagged  Displeased records7,00
CDMushroom HeadBeautiful Stories For Ugly Children  Megaforce records, digipack7,00
CDMushroom River BandSimsalabim  Century Media8,00
CDMustaschRat Safari  Capitol6,00
CDMy Darkest HateCombat Area  Massacre records7,00
CDMy Darkest HateTo Whom It May Concern  Massacre records6,00
CDMy Dying BrideAn Ode To Woe  Peaceville records, digibook, CD+DVD8,00
CDMy Dying BrideAnti-Diluvian Chronicles  Peaceville, 3-CD12,00
CDMy Dying BrideAs The Flower Withers  Peaceville8,00
CDMy Inner BurningSame  SAOL7,00
CDMy Own VictimNo Voice, No Rights, No Freedom  Century Media8,00
CDMy Own VictimThe Weapon  Kingfisher8,00
CDMyopiaConcentration Of Suffering   7,00
CDMyopiaDancing On Landmines  CDN records7,00
CDMånegarmDodsfard  Displeased, digipack12,00
DVDMötley CrueCarnival Of Sins - Live  Universal, 2-DVD7,00
CDMötley CrueMusic To Crash Your Car In box  Mötley records, 4-CD box40,00
CDMötley CrueRed, White & Crue  Mötley records7,00
CDMötley CrueShout At The Devil  Elektra7,00
CD(Mötley Crue) Lee, TommyNever a Dull Moment  MCA6,00
CD(Mötley Crue) Lee, TommyTommyland: The Ride  Steamhammer, digipack8,00
CD(Mötley Crue) Neil, VinceCarved In Stone  Eagle records6,00
CDNachtmystiumDemise  Autopsy kitchen records8,00
CDNapalm DeathOrder Of The Leech  Spitfire records6,00
CDNative ConstructQuiet World  Metal Blade8,00
CDNazarethAt The Beeb  Recall, 2-CD10,00
CDNazarethRazamanaz (compilation)  Membran music6,00
CDNecrodeathTones Of Hate  Scarlet records, digipack8,00
CDNecromiconPeccata Mundi  Hammerheart records8,00
CDNeglected FieldsSplenetic  Aghast recordings8,00
CDNeuroticaSame  Koch records6,00
CDNevermoreManifesto Of  Century Media7,00
CDNight In GalesNecrodynamic  Massacre records6,00
CDNightfallI Am Jesus  Black Lotus7,00
CDNightrageSweet Vengeance  Century Media8,00
CDNo FraudSame  Mind Control records8,00
CDNodeAs God Kills  Massacre records8,00
CDNodeTechnical Crime  Lucretta records8,00
CDNudeCities And Faces  Scarlet records6,00
CDObliterateTangled Ways  Extremist records6,00
CDOffalSame  Hole productions6,00
CDOpethDeliverance  Music For Nations7,00
CDOpethGhost Reveries  Rodrunner records6,00
DVDOpethLamentations - Live At Shepherd's Bush  Music For Nations7,00
CDOrder Of OriasInverse  World Terror Committee, digipack8,00
CDOriginEntity  Nuclear Blast8,00
CDOrphanageInside  Nuclear Blast8,00
CDOsbourne, OzzyDiary Of a Madman - remastered  Epic6,00
CDOtepHouse Of Secrets  Capitol, 3D cover7,00
CDOverkillKillbox 13/Wrecking Everything  Eagle records, 2-CD6,00
CDOverkillW.F.O.  Atlantic6,00
CDPaganizerMurder Death Kill  Xtreem Music7,00
CDPaganizerNo Divine Rapture  Xtreem Music7,00
CDPain Of SalvationThe Perfect Element  Insideout6,00
CDPandemiaRiven  Metal age productions7,00
CDPanteraCowboys From Hell  Atco6,00
CDPanteraReinventing Hell - The Best Of  Rhino6,00
CDPanteraThe Great Southern Trendkill  Eastwest records6,00
CDPanzerchristOutpost - Fort Europa  Serious Entertainment8,00
CDPapa RoachLovehatetragedy  Dreamworks5,00
CDParadise LostBelieve In Nothing  EMI6,00
CDParadise LostDraconian Times  Music For Nations6,00
CDParadise LostIcon  Music For Nations6,00
DVDParadise LostOver The Madness  Century Media, 2-DVD12,00
CDParkway DriveHorizons  Burning Heart records6,00
CDPikThe Heritage Of Past Gods  Mighty music, co6,00
CDPilloryTo Lifeguard At The Gene Pool  Unique Leader8,00
CDPissing RazorsLive In The Devil's Triangle  Spitfire6,00
CDPissing RazorsWhere We Come Down  Spitfire6,00
CDPontiac BrothersFuzzy Little Piece Of The World  Frontier records, co7,00
CDPoverty's No CrimeOne In a Million  Insideout8,00
CDPrimal Rock RebellionAwoken Broken  Spinefarm records10,00
CDProdigal SonsSame  Numuri records, digipack8,00
CDProject Hate MCMXCIXKilling Hellsinki  Threeman recordings7,00
CDProngX - No Absolutes  Steamhammer, digipack7,00
CDProwlersDevil's Bridge  Locomotive records8,00
CDPurified In BloodReaper Of Souls  Alveran records, digipack6,00
CDQueens Of The Stone AgeEra Vulgaris  Interscope6,00
CDQueensrycheTribe  Metal-Is records6,00
CDRaging SpeedhornWe Will Be Dead Tomorrow  SPV8,00
CDReactorThe Real World  Shadow Kingdom records8,00
CDReclusionShell Of Pain  Listenable records8,00
CDRedimoniStanding Before The End Of Time  Xtreem music7,00
CDReign Of ErebusOf Blackest Magick  Blackend, M-CD6,00
CDReign Of TerrorSacred Ground  Limb music6,00
CDReturn To EarthAutomata  Metal Blade records, digipack7,00
CDRevoltonsNight Visions  Limb music8,00
CDRickshawSonic Overload  Devil Doll8,00
CDRingwormDeath Becomes My Voice  Relapse records8,00
CDRingwormSnake Church  Relapse records6,00
CDRising FaithThe Arrival  Limb music6,00
CDRivendellElven Years  SPV8,00
CDRiver City RebelsHate To Be Loved  Victory records8,00
CDRokThis Is Satanik  Osmose Productions10,00
CDRoyalSeven  Long Branch records, digipack8,00
CDRushA Farewell To Kings - remastered  Mercury6,00
CDRushA Show Of Hands - remastered  Mercury6,00
CDRushAll The World's Stage  Mercury6,00
CDRushFeedback  Atlantic recordings, cardsleeve6,00
CDRushHemisphere  Mercury, 2-CD, 40th anniversary edition12,00
CDRushPermanent Waves - remastered  Mercury6,00
DVDRushR30  Sanctuary, 2-DVD, still sealed10,00
CDRushRetrospective 1 (1974-1980)  Mercury, digipack6,00
CDRushRoll The Bones - remastered  Atlantic6,00
CDRushSnakes & Arrows  Anthem6,00
CDRushTest For Echo  Atlantic6,00
CDRushVapor Trails  Atlantic6,00
CD(Rush) VictorSame  Atlantic8,00
CDSacredIron Blessings  Massacre records, CD+DVD, digipack10,00
CDSanzuHeavy Over The Home  Listenable records6,00
CDSatanic FuneralNight Of the Goat  Non Compos Mentis8,00
CDSatelliteInto The Night  Metal Mind8,00
CDSavatageJapan Live '94  Steamhammer6,00
CDSaviour MachineLegend - Part I  Massacre records8,00
CDSaxonBest Of  EMI6,00
CDScaarThe Second Incision  Karmageddon Media7,00
CDScarrAnimalenemy  Spinefarm6,00
CDScent Of DeathWoven In The Book Of Hate  Bloody productions8,00
CDSchenker, Michael GroupOne Night At Budokan  Chrysalis, co8,00
CDScorpionsBest  EMI6,00
CDScorpionsPure Instinct  Eastwest6,00
CDScorpionsReturn To Forever + bonus tracksJapan RCA, obi, blu-spec, digibook25,00
CDScorpionsSting In The Tail  Columbia6,00
CDScorpionsWorld Wide Live  Harvest6,00
CDScreamSame  Mega Records7,00
CDSecretumHappy Happy Killing Time  Metal Age productions6,00
CDSeetherIsolate And Medicate  Bicycle music6,00
CDSense Of DreamsLove Cries Desperately  Zen music6,00
CDSepulturaArise - remastered  Roadrunner records7,00
CDSepulturaDante XXI  Steamhammer, digipack7,00
CDSepulturaNation  Roadrunner records, digipack7,00
CDSepulturaTribus  Roadrunner records, M-CD10,00
CDSevendustNext  Winedark records, CD+DVD8,00
CDSeventh GateNone So Bloody As The Kingdom Of Christ  Satan Rock records8,00
CDShadowSame  Spinefarm6,00
CDShadowbreedOnly Shadows Remain  Painkiller records6,00
CDShadows FallFallout From The War  Century Media7,00
CDShadows FallFear Will Drag You Down  Century Media8,00
CDSia RadikalMonokars  Sia Radikal, digipack, toc6,00
CDSicidal TendenciesFreedumb  Suicidal records8,00
CDSickSatanism, Sickness, Solitude  Spinefarm6,00
CDSiege Of HateSubversive By Nature  New Aeon media8,00
CDSireniaThe Enigma Of Life  Nuclear Blast, digipack8,00
CDSkaldVitterland  Unexploded records8,00
CDSkid Row40 Seasons - The Best Of  Atlantic6,00
CDSkid RowB-Side Ourselves  Atlantic6,00
CDSkid RowSame  Atlantic6,00
CDSkid RowSlaveTo The Grind  Atlantic6,00
CDSkrewAngel Seed  Metalblade records, co6,00
CDSkullshifterInner Demons  BFD records8,00
CDSkycladHistory Lessens  Massacre records8,00
CDSkycladLive At The Dynamo  Burnig Airlines8,00
CDSkylarkWings  Scarlet records, digipack6,00
CDSlave To The SystemSame  Spitfire6,00
CDSlayerChrist Illusion  American6,00
CDSlayerDiabolus In Musica  American6,00
CDSlayerDivine Intervention  American6,00
CDSlayerSeasons In The Abyss  American recordings6,00
CDSlayerSouth Of Heaven  Def Jam recordings8,00
CDSoils Of FateSandstorm  Retribute records6,00
CDSoilworkFigure Number Five  Nuclear Blast6,00
CDSoilworkSworn To a Great Divide  Nuclear Blast7,00
CDSolitaireExtremely Flammable  Iron Glory records7,00
CDSons Of SlaughterThe Extermination Strain  Retribute records7,00
CDSorathVivimos En Perpetua Guerra  Metal Breath8,00
CDSoulflyPrimitive  Roadrunner records8,00
CDSoulflyProphecy  Roadrunner records7,00
CDSoullessAgony's Lament  World Chaos8,00
CDSoullessIsolated  Earache6,00
CDSouthforkSame  Black Mark8,00
CDSouthforkStraight Ahead  Black Mark8,00
CDSpancerSlowly We Rock  Church Within10,00
CDSparzanzaFolie a Cing  Spinefarm, CD+DVD10,00
CDSSSThe Dividing Line  Earache, CD + DVD10,00
CDStatic-XWisconsin Death Trip  Warner6,00
CDSteelheartSame  MCA, promo12,00
CDStep KingsLet's Get It On  Roadrunner records8,00
CDStereomudEvery Given Moment  Sony6,00
CDStillbornState Of Disconnection  Radium records6,00
CDStone SourCome What(ever) May  Roadrunner records5,00
CDStonegardFrom Dusk Till Doom  Bells Go Clang, digipack7,00
CDStonelakeWorld Entry  Metal Heaven8,00
CDStrapping Young LadAlien  Century Media7,00
CDStructure Of Lies/ Misery IndexSplit CD  Deep six records, M-CD5,00
CDSuhrimUnidentified Flying Bodyparts  Hybred records6,00
CDSuicidal AngelsSanctify The Darkness  Nuclear Blast8,00
CDSuicidal TendenciesStill Cyco After All These Years  Epic6,00
CDSuidakraBook Of Dowth  AFM records, digipack6,00
CDSummoningWith Doom We Come  Napalm records8,00
CDSunk LotoBetween Birth And Death  Epic, CD + DVD10,00
CDSunrideThrough The Red  I Used To Fuck People6,00
CDSutureCarnivorous Urge To Kill  Deepsend records8,00
CDSylosisMonolith  Nuclear Blast8,00
CDSynarchyTear Up The World  Tuti7,00
CDSystem BreakdownSame  Rivel records7,00
CDSystem Of a DownHypnotize  Columbia, digipack5,00
CDSystem Of a DownSame  Columbia5,00
CDTankardThe Tankard  Noise7,00
CDTankardThirst  AFM records, CD+DVD10,00
CDTantricSame  Maverick6,00
CDTardiv DyskinesiaThe Sea Of See Through Skins  Coroner records8,00
CDTears Of AngerStill Alive  Lion music6,00
CDTempestaThe Price Of Glory  Aua Records7,00
CDTemple 8Enter The Temple  Rigel records, digipack7,00
CDTemple Of The AbsurdMother,Creator, God  High Gain records, CD+CD-rom6,00
CDTenacious DThe Pick Of Destiny  Epic5,00
CDTeratismService For The Damned  Pathos8,00
CDTeslaMechanical Resonance  Geffen6,00
CDTeslaPsychotic Supper  Geffen6,00
CDThanatosAngelic Encounters  Hammerheart records, digipack8,00
CDThanatosGlobal Purification  Century Media10,00
CDTheatre Of The MacabreA Paradise In Flesh & Blood  Root Of All Evil records7,00
CDTheatre Of TragedyAegis  Swanlake records8,00
CDTheatre Of TragedyMusique  Nuclear Blast, digipack8,00
CDTherionDeggial  Nuclear Blast7,00
CDThose Who FearDeath Sentence  Facedown records7,00
CDThose Who FearState Of Mind  Facedown records7,00
CDThose Who FearUnholy Anger  Facedown records7,00
CDThunderBackstreet Symphony  Geffen, co6,00
CDThunderThe Thrill Of It All  B Lucky music, cards6,00
CDThy DiseaseNeurotic World Of Guilt  Metal Mind records, co7,00
CDToday Is The Day/MetatronThe Descent  This Dark Reign recordings, CDEP7,00
CDTool10.000 Days  Sony, digipack, viewing glasses10,00
CDToxic BonkersProgress  Selfmadegod records8,00
CDToxic BonkersSeeds Of Cruelty  Selfmadegod records8,00
CDTreePlant a Tree Or Die  Noise7,00
CDTrendkillNo Longer Buried  Regain records6,00
CDTribe Of JudahExit Elvis  Spitfire records5,00
CDTriviumAscendancy  Roadrunner records6,00
CDTriviumShogun  Roadrunner records, 2-CD10,00
CDTroubleLive  CDR10,00
DVDTroubleVideos  New Trouble12,00
CDTrustSame  Epic7,00
CDTruth CorrodedThe Saviours Slain  AFM records8,00
CDTurmoilFrom Bleeding Hands  Century Media7,00
CDTutribesPorta Carrachia  Modual records8,00
CDTyrantPrepare For Devastation  Seventh Dagger records10,00
CDUFODoctor, Doctor  Karusell8,00
CDUFOObsession  Chrysalis8,00
CDUltraheadDefinition: Aggro  Bullet Proof6,00
CDUlverBergtatt - Et Eeventyr i 5 Capitler  Head Not Found10,00
CDUnearthThe March  Metal Blade records, CD+DVD12,00
CDUnearthly TranceSeason Of Seance, Science Of Silence  Rise Above8,00
CDUnguidedLust And Loathing  Napalm records, digipack7,00
CDUnion UndergroundAn Education In Rebellion  Portrait6,00
CDUnjustThin Line Emotoins  Mascot records7,00
CDUppercutShroud Shifter  G.U.C., M-CD6,00
CDUpright CitizenColour Your Life  Impact Records8,00
CDUsurperThreshold Of The Usurper  Primitive Reaction7,00
CDW.A.S.P.The Crimson Idol  Snapper, 2-CD10,00
DVDVai, SteveLive At The Astoria London  High Insight, 2-DVD10,00
CDVan HalenBalance  Warner6,00
CDVan HalenFor Unlawful Carnal Knowledge  Warner6,00
CDVan HalenLive: Right Here, Right Now  Warner, 2-CD8,00
CDVan HalenOU812  Warner6,00
CD(Van Halen) Roth, David LeeYour Filthy Little Mouth  Reprise6,00
CDVariousBlair Witch 2: Book Of Shadows  Virgin5,00
CDVariousDeadly Sins  MCR company10,00
CDVariousDeeper Into The Vault  Caroline8,00
CDVariousHard Rock  Stardust4,00
CDVariousKilling By The Sound 6 Way  Soulflesh Collector6,00
CDVariousOzzfest - Second Stage Live  Divine recordings, 2-CD5,00
CDVariousStatements Of Intent  Wicked World10,00
CDVariousThe Metal Years - Power Metal  Spitfire records6,00
CDVariousWelcome Back To Meteor City  Meteor City, digipack8,00
CDWarrantBelly To Belly - Volume One  CMC International7,00
CDWaydDecadance  Metal Age productions7,00
CDVeilWords Against Nothing  Kingfisher6,00
CDVelvet RevolverContraband  RCA6,00
CDVenomMetal Black  Castle7,00
CDVerhernSame  Eternity records, M-CD6,00
CDVerifyTill There's Nothing Left Inside   10,00
CD(White Lion) Tramp, MikeMuseum  Target, digipack7,00
CDWhitechapelOur Endless War  Metal Blade, CD+DVD box10,00
CDViking SkullChapter One  Grand recordings, M-CD5,00
CDViking SkullHeavy Metal Thunder  Restricted10,00
CDVileThe New Age Of Chaos  Listenable records8,00
CDVillainsRoad To Ruin  Nuclear War Now7,00
CDWinter Of SinViolence Reigns Supreme  Cyclone Empire8,00
CDWinterblutDas Aas Aller Dinge  End All Life10,00
CDVision DivineStream Of Consciousness  Metal Blade records8,00
CDVision Of DisorderImprint  Roadrunner records6,00
CDWitch TombCrippled Messiah  Die Todesrune records6,00
CDWitchbreedHeretic Rapture  Ascendance records6,00
CDWithering SurfaceWalking On The Phantom Ice  Copro records8,00
CDWolfmotherCosmic Egg  Universal6,00
CDWolfmotherSame  Modular recordings6,00
CDWord SaladDeath March 2000  Prank8,00
CDWorkhorse MovementSons Of The Pioneers  Roadrunner records6,00
CDWormholeChicks Dig Scars  Roadrunner Records6,00
CDWounded KingsIn The Chapel Of The Black Hand  I Hate records8,00
CDWretchedBeyond The Gate  Victory records10,00
CDVulgar PigeonsBurning Episode  Deep send records7,00
CDVulgar PigeonsGenetic Predisposition  Howling Bull7,00
CDVulgar PigeonsSummary Execution  Adipocere records7,00
CDXerathII  Candlelight, slimcase8,00
CDXibalbaHasta La Muerte  Southern Lord7,00
CDYatteringLive Extermination  Metal mind, co7,00
CDYobClearing The Path To Ascend  Neurot recordings, digipack8,00
CDZenThe Sound Of Shit Happening   Muse entity records6,00
CDZillionSame  Frontiers records8,00

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