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Heavy & Hard Rock 12" Singles

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12"AcceptBalls To The Wall (live)EUm/mps, 10", clear vinyl, new15,00
12"AerosmithDude (Looks Like a Lady)UKex/exps, ri7,00
12"AirbornMidnight On MarsHollandex/exps6,00
12"ArgusSame EPUSAvg+/exps, toc35,00
12"AxxisLiving In a WorldGermanyvg+/exps, toc7,00
12"AxxisTouch The RainbowGermanyex/exps6,00
12"Ballard, RussCast The SpiritUSAex/exps, promo12,00
12"BenedictionThe Grotesque + 4Germanyexpicture disc20,00
12"BeyondEmpireUKex/exps, poster7,00
12"Black 'n BlueI Want It All (I Want It Now)USAvg+/exps, toc, promo7,00
12"(Blackfoot) Rick Medlocke And BlackfootSaturday NightUSAexpromo, co9,00
12"Blue Öyster CultShooting SharkUKex/exps7,00
12"Bon JoviBad MedicineHollandvg+/exps7,00
12"Bon JoviBlaze Of GloryHollandex/exps7,00
12"BonfireWho's Foolin' Who + 3Germanyex/exps7,00
12"BostonDon't Look BackUKvg+/exps12,00
12"BronzSend Down an AngelUKexcompany sleeve, promo9,00
12"CinderellaGypsy RoadHollandvg+/exps, toc9,00
12"CinderellaShelter MeUKex/exps, poster sleeve, picture disc, inn20,00
12"Coney HatchFantasyHollandex/exps9,00
12"CraaftI Wanna Look In Your EyesHollandex/exps7,00
12"Def LeppardAnimalHollandex/exps7,00
12"Def LeppardPour Some Sugar On MeUKvg+/exps, soc9,00
12"DrownedViscera TerraeGreeceex/exps, ins17,00
12"ExcaliburHot For LoveUKvg+/exps20,00
12"ExodusObjection OverruledGermanyex/exps25,00
12"GammaRight The First TimeUSAexpromo9,00
12"GoatGood TimesUKex/exps, introductory pack with sticker and booklet7,00
12"Great WhiteCongo SquareUKvg+/exposter bag9,00
12"Great WhiteHeart The HunterUKex/exps, clear vinyl, poster sleeve10,00
12"Great WhiteSubstituteUKvg+/exps, soc7,00
12"GuardianSinister LadyUSAvg+/vg+ps, soc7,00
12"Hagar, SammyNever Give UpUSAex/exps, promo7,00
12"HelixHeavy Metal LoveGermanyex/exps7,00
12"HelloweenPumpkins UnitedGermanym/mps, new, 10"18,00
12"Holy MosesRoad CrewUKexpicture disc30,00
12"KeelRock 'n' Roll OutlawUSAexcompany sleeve, promo7,00
12"KornFreak On a Leash (the mixes) m/mps, numbered14,00
12"KornMake Me Bad m/mps12,00
12"KreatorBehind The MirrorGermanyvg/exps, picture disc40,00
12"KrokusTokyo NightsUKvg+/exps, toc, yellow vinyl9,00
12"Lecherous GazePhazeUSAex/exps7,00
12"Legs DiamondTurn To StoneUKex/exps7,00
12"Machine HeadKillers & KungsGermanym/mps, new, 10"12,00
12"ManowarKings Of MetalGermanyex/exps14,00
12"Marino, Frank & Mahogany RushFourth Degree Burns EPUKex/exps, co12,00
12"MegadethAnarchy In The U.K.UKvg+/exps12,00
12"Metal ChurchWatch The Children PlayUSAexpromo, co12,00
12"MetallicaEnter SandmanUKex/exps, black inner20,00
12"MetallicaHarvester Of SorrowHollandvg+/exps20,00
12"MetallicaLords Of SummerHollandm/mps, new17,00
12"MetallicaThe $5.98 EP - Garage Days Re-RevisitedUKex/exps17,00
12"MetallicaThe UnforgivenHollandvg+/vgps14,00
12"Moore, GaryFriday On My MindUKex/exps7,00
12"Moore, GaryNuclear AttackUKexcompany sleeve14,00
12"Moore, GaryReady For LoveGermanyex/exps7,00
12"Mortal SinFace Of Despair EPUKvg+/exps, promo30,00
12"Mortal SinI Am ImmortalHollandex/vg+ps9,00
12"Mr. BigGreen Tinted Sixties MindUKvg+/exps, picture disc10,00
12"Nine Inch NailsSurvivalismEUm/mps, 10", new9,00
12"Norum, JohnLive In Stockholm EPSwedenex/exps9,00
12"Osbourne, OzzyI Just Want YouEUex/vg+plastic bag, numbered30,00
12"Plant, RobertLittle By LittleUSAvg+/exps, co7,00
12"PoisonFallen AngelGermanyex/exps7,00
12"PoisonNothin' But a Good TimeGermanyvg+/exps7,00
12"PoisonSomething To Believe InGermanyex/exps7,00
12"PoisonYour Mama Don't DanceUKex/exposter sleeve, green vinyl10,00
12"QueensrycheOverseeing The Operation EPUKvg+/vg+ps, 10"12,00
12"RavenCrash Bang Wallop + 3UKex/exps, purple vinyl25,00
12"RavenPray For The SunUKvg+/exps, toc7,00
12"(Rhapsody) Turilli, LucaThe Ancient Forest Of ElvesGermanym/mps, still sealed12,00
12"Rogue MaleBelfastUKvg/exps, soc, toc5,00
12"RushNew World ManUKex/exps25,00
12"RushThe Body ElectricUKex/exps, 10", red vinyl20,00
12"RushVital SignsUKvg+/vg+ps14,00
12"Sam ThunderDon't Take ForeverFrancevg+/exps7,00
12"Satriani, JoeDreaming # 11 EPUKex/exps7,00
12"SavatageDay After DayUSAexcompany sleeve, co, promo9,00
12"SaxonBack On The StreetsGermanyvg+/vg+ps7,00
12"SaxonRock 'n' Roll GypsyUKex/exps9,00
12"Schenker, MichaelWarrior  ps, new19,00
12"(Schenker, Michael) MSGNightmareGermanyex/exps7,00
12"ScorpionsSend Me An AngelUKex/exps, picture disc17,00
12"SpiderBreakawayUKvg+/exps, woc9,00
12"SpiderHere We Go Rock 'n' RollUKex/exps9,00
12"Squier, BillyLove Is The HeroGermanyvg/exps, toc, tol9,00
12"ThunderDirty LoveUKvg+/exps7,00
12"TigertailzNoise Level CriticalUKex/exps7,00
12"Tygers Of Pan TangMaking TracksUKex/vg+ps14,00
12"Tygers Of Pan TangWhite LinesDenmarkm/mps, new22,00
12"UFOLet It RainUKvg+/vg+ps7,00
12"UFOThis TimeUSAexcompany sleeve, promo7,00
12"W.A.S.P.Animal (F**k Like a Beast)USAvg+picture disc25,00
12"W.A.S.P.Mean ManUKex/vg+ps, 1-sided promo20,00
12"Vai, SteveDown Deep Into The PainUKex/exps, picture disc17,00
12"Van HalenWhy Can't This Be LoveGermanyex/exps7,00
12"VardisStanding In The RoadUKvg+/exps12,00
12"WaystedHeaven TonightUKvg+/vg+ps7,00
12"White LionGoin' Home TonightGermanyex/exps7,00
12"White LionLights & ThunderUKex/exps7,00
12"White LionLittle FighterUSAvg+/exposter bag, promo10,00
12"White LionLove Don't Come EasyUKex/exps7,00
12"White LionRadar LoveUKex/exps7,00
12"White LionWaitUSAexpromo7,00
12"White ZombieGod Of ThunderUSAex/exps30,00
12"WingerMadalaineUSAexpromo, promo sticker on cover9,00
12"WolfmotherJoker & The ThiefEUm/mps, new12,00
12"Vow wowI Feel The PowerUKvg+/exps5,00
12"Y & TFace Like An AngelUSAex 7,00
12"Y & TSummertime GirlsGermanyex/exps7,00
12"Zodiac MindwarpPrime MoverUKvg+/exps7,00

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