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Hanoi Rocks

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Hanoi Rocks - 7" singles

7"Hanoi RocksMalibu BeachUKex/exps14,00
7"Hanoi RocksMalibu BeachUKexpicture disc20,00
7"Hanoi RocksUp Around The BendUKex/exps, w/ transfer tattoo30,00
7"Hanoi RocksUp Around The BendUKex/exps20,00
7"Hanoi RocksUp Around The BendHollandex/exps20,00
7"Hanoi RocksUp Around The BendFinlandvg+/exps, woc14,00

Hanoi Rocks - CD singles

CDSHanoi RocksFashion + 1  Wolfgang records5,00

Hanoi Rocks - LPs

LPHanoi RocksAll Those Waisted Years...Finlandex/exinn, 2-LP25,00
LPHanoi RocksThe Best Of Hanoi RocksFinlandex/vg+w/ 12" single17,00


Hanoi Rocks related - 7" singles

7"McCoy, AndyI Will FollowFinlandex/exps17,00
7"McCoy, AndyToo Much Ain't EnoughFinlandexcompany sleeve17,00
7"RoleneRollin' With RoleneFinlandvg+/exps12,00
7"Shooting GalleryRestlessFinlandexcompany sleeve, promo17,00

Hanoi Rocks related - CDs

CDMonroe, MichaelPeace Of Mind  Poko records7,00
CDShooting GallerySame  Polarvox7,00

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