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Alice Cooper

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Alice Cooper - 7" Singles

7"Cooper, AliceDepartment Of YouthUKvg+/vg+company sleeve8,00
7"Cooper, AliceDepartment Of YouthGermanyvg/exps, soc, woc9,00
7"Cooper, AliceElectedGermanyex/vgps7,00
7"Cooper, AliceFreedomGermanyvg+/exps, soc5,00
7"Cooper, AliceHalo Of FliesHollandvg+/vg+ps12,00
7"Cooper, AliceHello HoorayGermanyex/vg+ps10,00
7"Cooper, AliceHey StoopidHollandex/exps5,00
7"Cooper, AliceHouse Of FireHollandex/exps5,00
7"Cooper, AliceHow You Gonna See Me NowHollandex/exps10,00
7"Cooper, AliceLove At Your ConvenienceUKvg+/vg+ps, toc10,00
7"Cooper, AliceLove's a Loaded GunUKvg+/vg+ps, competion card, toc5,00
7"Cooper, AliceOnly My Heart Talkin'Hollandex/exps5,00
7"Cooper, AliceSlick Black LimousineUKvg+flexi14,00
7"Cooper, AliceTalk TalkGermanyex/exps10,00
7"Cooper, AliceTeenage Lament '74Germanyex/exps12,00
7"Cooper, AliceTeenage Lament '74USAvgsol, wol, promo9,00
7"Cooper, AliceYou And MeFrancevg+/vg+ps, woc10,00

Alice Cooper - 12" Singles

12"Cooper, AlicePress Conference Sweden 1987UKvg+picture disc, 10"10,00

Alice Cooper - LP's

LPCooper, AliceCollectionGermanyvg+/ex 14,00

Alice Cooper - CD's

CDCooper, AliceDirty Diamonds/The Eyes Of...  Eagle records, 2-CD8,00
CDCooper, AliceNobody Likes...Alice Cooper Live  Cedar5,00
CDCooper, AliceThe Alice Cooper Show  Warner6,00


Alice Cooper related - 7" Singles

7"VariousI'm Your Gun + 3 other bandsUKvg+/exps, woc7,00

Alice Cooper related - LP's

LPVariousFlash FearlessUKvg+/vg+booklet17,00

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