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David Bowie - 7" Singles

7"Bowie, DavidAlabama SongGermanyvg/exps, woc7,00
7"Bowie, DavidAlabama SongFranceex/exps25,00
7"Bowie, DavidBeauty And The BeastEUm/mps, picture disc17,00
7"Bowie, DavidBeauty And The BeastGermanyvg+/vg+ps, woc, wol10,00
7"Bowie, DavidBoys Keep SwingingGermanyvg+/exps14,00
7"Bowie, DavidBoys Keep SwingingSpainex/exps20,00
7"Bowie, DavidBreaking Glass + 2Spainex/exps20,00
7"Bowie, DavidD.J.UKex/exps9,00
7"Bowie, DavidD.J.UKex/exps, "Lifetimes"3,50
7"Bowie, DavidDay-In Day-OutGermanyvg+/exps4,00
7"Bowie, DavidDiamond DogsSpainvg+/exps, soc, toc25,00
7"Bowie, DavidFameSpainvg+/exps, woc14,00
7"Bowie, DavidFameGermanyvg+/exps, woc12,00
7"Bowie, DavidFame/Golden YearsUSAmjukebox only8,00
7"Bowie, DavidFashionSpainex/vg+ps, wol9,00
7"Bowie, DavidGolden YearsEUm/mpicture disc, new14,00
7"Bowie, DavidGolden YearsGermanyvg/vgps, woc, wol5,00
7"Bowie, DavidHeroesEUm/mnew, picture disc, 40th anniversary edition17,00
7"Bowie, DavidJohn, I'm Only DancingGermanyvg/vgps7,00
7"Bowie, DavidJohn, I'm Only Dancing (1975)UKex/exps, noc7,00
7"Bowie, DavidKnock On WoodEUm/mpicture disc, new14,00
7"Bowie, DavidKnock On Wood (live)Germanyvg+/vg+ps, wol, toc10,00
7"Bowie, DavidLet's DanceHollandex/exps4,00
7"Bowie, DavidLife On Mars?EUm/mpicture disc, new17,00
7"Bowie, DavidLife On Mars?Germanyex/exps20,00
7"Bowie, DavidNext DayEUm/mps, plastic cover, white vinyl9,00
7"Bowie, DavidPeace On EarthUKvg/exps, sol, wol, toc4,00
7"Bowie, DavidRebel RebelGermanyvg+/exps, toc, co17,00
7"Bowie, DavidScary MonstersGermanyvg/exps, woc7,00
7"Bowie, DavidSorrowGermanyvg+/vgps, toc, tol14,00
7"Bowie, DavidSorrowGermanyex/exps, ri7,00
7"Bowie, DavidSorrowFrancevg+/vgps, woc17,00
7"Bowie, DavidSpace OddityEUm/mpicture disc, new, ri14,00
7"Bowie, DavidSuffragette CityUKvg+/vg+ps17,00
7"Bowie, DavidThe Jean GenieGermanyvg/exps, toc, sol14,00
7"Bowie, DavidThe Jean GenieFrancevg+/vg+ps, toc20,00
7"Bowie, DavidThe Jean GenieSpainvg/vg+ps, toc, soc17,00
7"Bowie, DavidThe Stars (Are Out Tonight)EUm/mps, new9,00
7"Bowie, DavidThis Is Not AmericaHollandex/exps6,00
7"Bowie, DavidTVC 15Germanyvg+/vg+ps, toc10,00
7"Bowie, DavidUndergroundGermanyvg+/exps, woc5,00
7"Bowie, DavidUp The Hill BackwardsUKvg+/exps, woc7,00
7"Bowie, DavidWhen The Wind BlowsUKvg+/exps4,00
7"Bowie, DavidWithout YouFranceex/vg+ps10,00

David Bowie - 12" Singles

12"Bowie, DavidAlabama Song/AmsterdamGermanyex/exps20,00
12"Bowie, DavidBlue Jean (extended dance mix)Germanyvg+/exps, toc7,00
12"Bowie, DavidDay-in Day-outHollandex/exps7,00
12"Bowie, DavidDay-in Day-out (remix)UKexcompany sleeve with sticker7,00
12"Bowie, DavidFame 90USAex/exps7,00
12"Bowie, DavidFashionUSAvg+company sleeve7,00
12"Bowie, DavidFashionUKvg+/exps9,00
12"Bowie, DavidGolden YearsEUm/mps, ri, new9,00
12"Bowie, DavidLoving The AlienUKexpicture disc20,00
12"Bowie, DavidNo Plan EPGermanym/mps, new12,00
12"Bowie, DavidRebel Never Gets OldEUmpicture disc, unplayed40,00
12"Bowie, DavidWhen The Wind BlowsGermanyex/vg+ps7,00

David Bowie - CD-Singles

CDSBowie, DavidEveryone Says Hi + 1  673076-1, new7,00
CDSBowie, DavidEveryone Says Hi + 3  6730762-5, new10,00
CDSBowie, DavidI Can't Read + 2  ps, Zyx 8757-87,50
CDSBowie, DavidI Dig Everything: The 1966 PYE Singles  3xCDS box12,00
CDSBowie, DavidNew Killer Star  38K3445, new7,00
CDSBowie, DavidSeven Years In Tibet + 2  ps, 5125427,50
CDSBowie, DavidThursday's Child + 1  896267-2, new6,00
CDSBowie, DavidThursday's Child + 3  896268-2, new7,50

David Bowie - LP's

LPBowie, DavidDavid LiveJapanex/exins, 2-LP, RCA-9105/0630,00
LPBowie, DavidLive Santa Monica '72EUm/minn, poster, 2-LP125,00
LPBowie, DavidPin UpsArgentinavg+/vgtoc30,00

David Bowie - CD's

CDBowie, DavidHeathen  Columbia, 2-CD, digipack12,00
CDBowie, DavidHeathen  Columbia, ltd LP size cover20,00
CDBowie, DavidReality  Columbia, 2-CD17,00

David Bowie - DVD's

DVDBowie, DavidNew Killer Star + 2  674275-9, new8,00

David Bowie - Tour Programmes, Posters, Paper Goods

PGBowie, DavidOuto Viehätys mbook in Finnish, 144 pages, new18,00


David Bowie related - 7" Singles

7"Bowie & JaggerDancing In The StreetUSAvg+/exps5,00
7"Tin MachinePrisoner Of LoveUKex/exps, shaped picture disc14,00
7"Tin MachineTin MachineUKex/exps, shaped picture disc14,00

David Bowie related - 12" Singles

12"Tin MachineUnder The GodUSAexpromo12,00
12"Tin MachineYou Belong In Rock n' RollUKvg/vg+ps, poster,LONX 305, co7,00

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